Height Adjustable Work Platforms

At Semmco we pride ourselves on delivering solutions across the aviation, rail and helicopter industries that demonstrate we understand our customer’s comprehensive requirements. For over 25 years we have been providing such equipment to leading brands worldwide including American Airlines, British Airways and more.

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Variable Height PAX Door A320 Platform & Wide Body | Sliding Side Rails

Variable Height PAX Door A320 Platform & Wide Body | Sliding Side Rails

Part No: 812.645.04

Variable height steps designed for easy access to PAX door, (A320 Family -A330-340-350 B757-767-777-787 Fwd doors) together with service and inspection points in and around narrow & wide body fleet

Variable Height Cargo Bay Access Platform 1.8m-2.8m R/H

Variable Height Cargo Bay Access Platform 1.8m-2.8m R/H

Part No: 812.101.09

Variable height Cargo Bay platform designed for easy access to narrow body cargo bays for easy access into cargo/freight bay for service and inspection on and around the door and door seal for wide body

About our Height Adjustable Work Platforms

As with many Semmco products, our Height Adjustable Platforms are known for their ease of use, with non-slip tread and lightweight features that, collectively, keep those using the platforms safe. We offer a range of standard products with such capabilities but can also provide bespoke options if a customer prefers.

One of our Variable Height Cargo Bay Access Platforms offers height adjustment of 1.8m – 2.8m, with other models offering a range of 2.4m – 3.4m. The 1.8m – 2.8m option uses a hand crank rack and gear drive system to adjust the platform. When the engineer has decided on the working height they wish to operate to, safety locking pins are inserted into the legs to provide a steady resting position. A high stability chassis with easy roll castors further supports this. Full handrail protection is provided in addition to adjustable side handrails tailored to specific aircraft profiles that ensure a close fit too. These features extend throughout our height adjustable range as a sophisticated yet simple method to achieve the specific height requirements.

Semmco’s Variable Height PAX Door A320 Platform & Wide Body option has a height range of 2.5m – 4.5m. This system uses a double action hydraulic pump to adjustment the height, with a dog rack and lock safety system. This system is sprung loaded, meaning that the incremental increases in height (increasing by 2inches each time) can be locked out safely. One of Semmco’s highlight product features, the high stability chassis, is used in this platform. It has a heavy duty wheel front axle and twin rear wheel swivel castors ensure movement in and around the planes is easy and the platform can be positioned close to the plane.

Our Height Adjustable platform applications

Our range of Height Adjustable Platforms range has been developed over the last 25 years. We have listened to customer feedback and understand how our equipment can make their working day easier.

These platforms can be tailored according to the different access points or requirements the customer has such as straightforward access into cargo/freight bay areas and the door and door seal for service and inspection requirements. We understand that sometimes working with a wide bodied fleet of planes can present different challenges compared to narrow bodied. In these instances, Semmco often supplies platforms that are fitted with extra wide stairs to allow bulkier components to be carried.

Our platforms can also be used in the hangar or on the ramp. Most importantly the platforms are designed to make the engineer’s job easier so that they can work safely and efficiently.

Why Choose Semmco?

Since founding Semmco in 1993 and leading the business to a global entity operating across the USA, Europe, the Middle East and Australasia, Stuart McOnie has ensured the business is known first and foremost for exceptional product quality with designs that are unmatched by our competitors. Semmco not only works with leading aviation, rail and helicopter brands, we retain their business through a commitment to intelligent engineering and customer service that goes well beyond simply delivering a product.

Our team of Service Engineers ensures you benefit from support directly from the original equipment manufacturer as opposed to engaging a third party without our experience and knowledge. We conduct on-site inspections to ensure in-use equipment is performing as it should, providing a detailed explanation if any work is needed. We also offer product training, issuing certifications to certified personal within your company. As standard, all products come with a 12 month warranty.


Can we send our own drawings to the design team?

In most instances we would prefer to provide products designed and manufactured by Semmco but we are always happy to discuss your specific requirements and made amendments to our platforms if necessary.

Can we trial a product first?

We can supply a product for trial and if you decide it is the right product for the job then we can invoice accordingly. If we provide a product for trial we would be happy for you to keep it for up to 6 weeks before you make a decision

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