Engine Strip & Repair Variable Height Access Platform – Engine Core Tall

H2.0 - 2.6m | L1.2m | W1.7m | RH and LH versions

Part No: 812.100.96(LH) & 812.000.97(RH)
  • LH & RH versions available
  • Variable height ranging between 2.0 - 2.6m
  • Sliding fingers to afford safer and easier access
  • Slip resistant tread steps and platform
  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre

Engine Strip and Repair Variable Height Access Platform

The Semmco Engine Strip and Repair Variable Height Access Platform – Engine Core Tall enables engine maintenance work to be carried out easily and safely by the engineers.  The variable height and sliding, contoured fingers ensure the engineers can safely access out-of-reach areas so that they can carry out the work effectively.  The platform can be raised or lowered by simply winding the handle up or down until it locks into position.

The platform can be designed for LH  or RH working and is constructed from lightweight aluminium making it robust but at the same time easy to move into position.  It has slip resistant aluminium stair treads and a “phenolic” wood platform providing further safe working areas for those using the equipment.

Edge and railing “soft” protective padding is also fitted to the platform.

The Semmco Bridge Platform can be used in conjunction with these platforms to facilitate access over the top of the engine and the rear of the fan, from one side to the other.

Engine strip and repair access platform 002 scaled
"The entire process has been extremely professional, and it is rare to work with a company whose employees are genuinely proud of what they do and the company they work for"
Alfredo Gianoglio, EHS & Quality Manager, Norway
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