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semmco for the Helicopter Access industry

Innovative designs for helicopter maintenance platforms and support equipment

Our extensive experience in aviation platforms extends to our range of products specifically for helicopters.  Our docking  systems and platforms are designed to provide a safe working environment for technicians and engineers to carry out repairs and servicing.

We offer helicopter rotor access platforms, complete docking solutions and a blade lifting device, all designed for safe working around the airframe, rotor blade and engine components, as well as a blade rack and maintenance support equipment.

Our modular range of access solutions comes in fixed or variable height working platforms  with integral rails, kick boards and a choice of platform surface profiles, manufactured from lightweight aluminium.   Semmco’s helicopter products are lightweight and easily manoeuvred by 1 or 2 people. View our full range of access platforms here.

"An extremely reliable company who consistently deliver an expected high quality of product on time. Their advice and guidance on some issues saved considerable time in manufacture. "
Ian Turnbull – Train Presentation/ Depot Facilities
Hitachi Rail

Proven Track Record: Recent Helicopters Case Studies

Helicopters: Collaborative Design and Full After-Sales Service

Helicopters: Collaborative Design and Full After-Sales Service

What do you do when a supplier can no longer provide an after-sales service for critical safety equipment? This was a problem for a US helicopter engineering facility that had previously purchased access...

Why Semmco is Trusted by the biggest names in the business


Maintaining a helicopter requires speed, safety, accessibility and flexibility in critical situations.

Speed: A Semmco helicopter maintenance platform improves turnaround times by providing easier access for technicians and engineers.

Safety: We understand that ensuring staff safety is of the utmost importance in any aircraft maintenance operation. With Semmco helicopter access platforms, you can provide a secure and controlled environment for your personnel to carry out essential tasks. Our platforms are made from robust yet lightweight aluminium, making them easy to manoeuvre. Additionally, they are slip-resistant and corrosion-resistant, ensuring durability and longevity.

Enhanced Accessibility: We specialise in creating helicopter access platforms to facilitate maintenance of all key areas of the helicopter, including the nose, main rotors, engines and tail section.

Flexibility: Our products have been designed by engineers, keeping in mind the requirements of other engineers. They can be customised to cater to different payload capacities, equipment setups and operational needs, ensuring that each platform is optimised for its intended tasks. We offer standard products for S92, S76, S225, AW119 and AW139, which can be easily adapted to fit other helicopter models as well.

Global Reach: Semmco’s helicopter access platforms are designed for use across the globe. Facilitating international operations across borders and continents, we proudly serve industries that operate on a global scale.

Why Semmco is Trusted by the biggest names in the business

Our ability to manufacture products on a global scale sets us apart from the competition. With the support of advanced facilities located in both the UK and the US and a team of dedicated aviation engineering professionals, we can deliver innovative and custom solutions to clients worldwide. Our commitment to efficiency and reliability allows us to cater to diverse needs and specifications with ease.

Semmco is well-known for our specialism in helicopter platform products. We have built a reputation for excellence and have worked with many international brands, including Bond Helicopters, Airbus Helicopters, Leonardo and Bristow Helicopters among others. Our commitment to delivering high-quality products has earned us the trust of industry leaders in the aviation industry.

Our commitment goes beyond delivering access platform products. We offer comprehensive customer support, including on-site installation and training, to ensure seamless integration of our platforms into your operations. Our team of experts works alongside yours, guaranteeing a smooth transition and optimal utilisation of our solutions.

From routine maintenance to leasing arrangements, our flexible options provide peace of mind, and we stand by you to ensure continuous operation and maximum value from your investment.


At Semmco, we understand your purchase is only the beginning of a long-term process. We know the importance of ensuring our customers get the most out of our products once they arrive at their facilities. That’s why we provide a range of product support and training options to complement our products.

Our training and product support offering includes:

  • Refresher training sessions for new staff members.
  • Scheduled product inspections and servicing by a Semmco engineer.
  • Training courses that empower your own engineers to carry out regular inspections to a high standard.

In addition to our servicing packages, our products and spare parts are also supplied with a standard 12-month warranty. Taking out a service package at the time of your purchase will automatically extend your warranty to 24 months. We also offer an add-on installation service for all our access platforms and other GSE products and can dispose of your old equipment if required.

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