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Ethical Supply Chain

The materials used are ethically sourced, working with suppliers that implement ethical labour standards.

Environmental Considerations

Semmco has implemented many environmentally friendly systems in the offices and workshop from  paper use and recycling to reducing packaging for shipping products.  Any off cuts or waste created during the manufacturing process are recycled where possible.  Staff are encouraged to walk and cycle to work where they can and a bike shed is available at the head office.

Charitable Activity and Volunteering

Each year the Semmco team chooses to support a local charity as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility charter.  The company hosts events e.g. raffles, cake sales and car washes; staff participate in marathons and charitable events such as the Dragon Boat Racing to help raise money for its charity of the year.

Charities that have benefitted so far include:

2016/2017/2018 Woking & Sam Beare Hospices – a patient-centred charity delivering specialist palliative care for the whole family in the North West Surrey region.

2019 Newlife, the charity for disabled children, who provide funding for essential community equipment, such as beds, buggies, wheelchairs, seating systems, and much more. 

2020 – Pond Meadow School – The Pond Meadow Academy Trust provides education for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD), and with Complex and Profound Learning Difficulties (including complex medical needs). The ethos and values of the school are summarised in four words: Learning, Independence, Respect and Equality

Health and Safety

Semmco designs, manufactures and supplies various equipment to keep people safe in the workplace therefore health and safety is a vital part of the company’s every day life.  Safe working practices are adhered to in the manufacturing areas and staff are regularly trained in how to work safely at all times.

Additional care and training is also given to the Semmco engineers who travel to customer sites to carry out assembly and maintenance work.

Good and safe driving techniques are expected to be implemented by the sales teams.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

CSR is an integral part of the way in which Semmco operates and has a direct correlation with Semmco’s growth strategy. We have based our working culture on engaging and empowering employees, customers, partners and suppliers at all levels of our organisation using ‘lean’ as a standard way of business operations.


We work to have a positive effect upon the environment where possible. We are passionate about preventing pollution and do this through effective purchasing, waste disposal, control of emissions, noises and other commercial disruptions.

Our aim is to identify and evaluate the environmental effects of services and activities and we set objectives and targets for continual improvement. It is fundamental that we are meeting the requirements of environmental legislation, corporate instructions, customer requirements, and other requirements to which Semmco subscribes.

Our designs are delivered to consider the reduction of shipping costs and the ability to re design modular equipment.  Off cuts of manufacturing materials such as aluminium are recycled.

We seek opportunities to reduce, re-use and recycle materials or resources, disposing of waste materials safely and responsibly.

Semmco has implemented a recycling system where possible. Office paper is either reused or recycled, printing is automatically set to print on both sides of the sheet thus almost halving the amount of paper used. Plastics, tins, cardboard and cartons are also recycled.

We have reduced fuel consumption and carbon emissions through the installation of trackers on our vehicles and only use courier and freight suppliers who are also committed to reduce their carbon footprint.

We have built a culture of reducing energy use within our premises and employees are fully engaged with turning lights off that aren’t necessary. We use energy efficient kettles, control the heating and air conditioning through programmed thermostats and use energy efficient light bulbs.


Health & Safety

We are a Company which provides safe working platforms and equipment for our customers and therefore it is imperative that we also provide safe working practices for our employees.

Our statement of general policy is:

  • to monitor and control health and safety risks arising from our workplace activities
  • to provide our employees with all necessary PPE for tasks and any possible risks
  • to consult with our employees on matters affecting their welfare, health and safety
  • to provide and maintain safe plant and equipment
  • to ensure safe handling and use of substances
  • to provide information, instruction and supervision for employees
  • to ensure all employees are suitably competent to carry out their tasks, and to provide suitable adequate training
  • to prevent accidents and cases of work-related ill health
  • to maintain safe and healthy working conditions
  • to review and revise this policy as necessary at regular intervals

Employee Wellbeing

At Semmco, we support a programme of employee wellbeing which includes 1:1 support and guidance on work and personal issues, as well as offering Private Healthcare and an Employee Assistance Programme.

Our flat organisational structure allows uncomplicated communication and we empower employees to offer solutions and suggestions on how their job is carried out. We want our employees to work in a safe and healthy environment and we like to think that any concerns are addressed immediately. We have a suggestion box in place which allows employees to feel comfortable about communicating any H&S issues immediately. We also hold communications meetings with everyone every 2 weeks which involve discussing business results, new designs, customer feedback.

We encourage a positive work culture whereby the Company supports employees as well as employees support each other. As part of our commitment to raising money for our local charity, we arrange activities for employees which are not only rewarding but assist with team building.


Building of Supplier Partnerships

Semmco seek better ways of working with our suppliers and where possible will source materials or services locally or within the UK. We are proud that we are a UK manufacturer and that most of our products are made in Britain using British suppliers.

We endeavour to select the most appropriate material for the design of our equipment and it will be in accordance with our quality manual.  The materials used will be ethically sourced, in that the company will use suppliers that implement ethical labour standards.

We procure our goods, services and utilities in a way which does not impact our business or reputation negatively. We achieve value for money whilst generating benefits to society, the economy and environment. Our Policy is designed to deliver sustainable procurement elements by working closely with our supply chain and working with our Stakeholders.

We commit to;

  • Derive value from a progressive approach to supply chain diversity and inclusion
  • Consider our customers and suppliers equal partners in achieving sustainable procurement
  • Pay our suppliers promptly
  • Embed a culture of zero waste through efficient operations and the procurement process
  • Procure materials from recognised, responsible suppliers where we control the specification
  • Create supply chain opportunities for local businesses

Additionally we support our suppliers to comply with the specific requirements and underlying principles of our own Policies.


To help us exceed our customer’s expectations, we maintain a UKAS accredited quality management system that is certified to ISO 9001:2015.

Equality and Equal Opportunities

Semmco is committed to being an equal opportunity employer and has a policy for this purpose. We encourage applications from all sectors of our community regardless of race, colour, religious belief, sexual orientation, gender, disability, age or marital status.

We offer employees clear and fair employment terms and maintain strict safeguards to ensure all our people are treated with respect. We do not support child labour and would not utilise any supplier that encouraged this.

We recognise the importance of investing in our workforce. We deliver training and provide the resources to help all our people develop their skills and achieve their potential, without discrimination.


Semmco undertakes to be considerate as a member of the local community. Our workshop is located within a trading estate which causes little or no disruption to local residents. By actively raising our operating standards, reducing disruption and minimising environmental damage, we are ensuring any impact is a positive one.

We also welcome feedback from our employees but also from members of the community who we regularly come into contact with. Any feedback whether negative or positive is responded to with the upmost urgency.

A CSR committee has been established and we have chosen to support a local charity with planned activities and financial targets throughout the year. We have also committed to voluntary work within the local community. The CSR committee will also review different methods of supporting our CSR policy.

We also understand the importance of giving local youngsters work experience opportunities and we regularly provide placements for students. Our plan for 2020/2021 is to offer apprenticeships.

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