Variable Height Helicopter Docking System for Sikorsky S-92 / AW139

Set of 8 platforms | Front, Main, Boom & Tail Access

Part No: 812.100.20-27
  • Modular aluminium design and construction
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Non slip tread
  • Good impact resistance, high rigidity and reduction of weight over steel by 2/3
  • High corrosion and UV resistance providing long life
  • No additional finish – Galvanising or painting
Compatible with...

Variable Height Helicopter Docking System for Sikorsky S-92 / AW139 is compatible with:

AW139 / Sikorsky S-92

Variable Height Helicopter Docking System for Sikorsky S-92 / AW139

Helicopter docking system designed as a set of platforms to be used together, in pairs or individually to provide safe working at height access around the helicopter while it is in the hangar.  The platforms provide partial docking around the tail rotor or main rotor, engine and gear box or total aircraft docking.  Options of fixed height or variable height are available.

Built with a robust lightweight aluminium construction to make it easy to move, the stairs and platform are fitted with slip resistant, self-draining tread and railings to provide multiple use, safe working areas.

Adjustable sliding fingers with protective padding can be moved, once the platform is in place, to align with the profile of the helicopter in order to create a secure and safe working area reducing the risk of  trips and falls, as well as protecting the helicopter from damage.

Stability jacks and full edge and railing “soft” protective padding are fitted as standard.

Standard products are available for S92, S76, S225 and AW139 that can easily be adapted for other aircraft. A bespoke aircraft docking solution design is also available. Read more about our adjustable height work platforms here.

Watch the CGI video of the platform here…

"The new generation of Semmco access solutions have been developed in accordance with the new regulations on working at height which came into force into 2005..."
Robert Chadwick – Project Production Delivery Manager
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