Variable Height Wide Body APU Change Platform H2.75-5.25m

H2.75-5.25m - Lxx - Wxx | Screw jack system | B747 -B777- B787 A330 - A340 - A350 - A380

Part No: 812.010.20
  • Variable Height Remote Control
  • Reduced APU change times - improved productivity
  • Platform load 3 tonnes ( 1 x APU, 4 personnel & tools)
  • Lighting, Power & Air Service Points
  • Emergency Stops
  • Loading Gate Interlock System
  • MEWP Approval
  • Easy Access to Working Platform throughout 2.5-5.75m Height Range
Compatible with...

Variable Height Wide Body APU Change Platform H2.75-5.25m is compatible with:

A330 / A340 / A350 / A380 / B747-400 / B777 / B787

Variable Height Wide Body APU Change Platform H2.75-5.25m

The Semmco Variable height APU platform provides safe working at height when changing, inspection or working on and around wide body APU’s and eliminates the existing methodology risks and dangers when using “fish poles”.

The working platform is remotely controlled to the ideal working at height for access to and around the APU bay for 4-6 engineers with tools and APU transfer stand. When the APU is removed from the aircraft onto the transportation stand the platform is lowered to the lowest position suitable for fork lifting the APU and transfer stand from the platform via one of two loading bays. See our full range of aircraft stands.

Each loading bay incorporates a safety interlock system whereby the loading gates can’t be operated or opened until the platform is parked in the lowest position. Throughout the height range the users have full easy access to and from the variable height working platform. The platform is supplied with air and power connections points together with “safety” emergency panic buttons.

Mounted on robust easy manoeuvrable chassis with easy roll castors and stability “kick down” jacks the APU platform comes with multi position tow bar for hangar towing. The platform is raised and lowered using and external power source to drive “safe lock” screw jack system with integral limit safety switches.

Certified and approved to PURA & CE compliant the working platform is designed to take 3 ton in weight. See our full range of height adjustable work platforms.

812.010.20 APU H2.75 5.25 A330 340 350 380 B747 777 787 37
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