Universal Landing Gear & Wheel Bay Access Platform

H1.7 - 3m | L2.6m | W1.6m

Part No: 812.012.42
  • Access to landing gear and wheel bay
  • Collapses for easy access under the aircraft
  • Aluminium construction - lightweight but robust
  • Non-slip stair and platform tread
Compatible with...

Universal Landing Gear & Wheel Bay Access Platform is compatible with:

A330 / A350 / B777 / B787

Universal Landing Gear & Wheel Bay Access Platform

The Universal Landing Gear & Wheel Bay Access Platform is a variable height platform with a height range from 1.7m to 3m  via a winch mechanism with manual winding handle.  The working platform has railings, hinged at their mid point, to allow them to be folded down so that the platform can access all the areas needed.   A single ‘lift and swing’ safety gate is fitted to the rear of the platform at the top of the steps that can be opened when access is required.

The platform is made from robust but lightweight aluminium making it easy to move and be operated by one person.  The stairs and platform are fitted with slip resistant, self-draining tread and kick down jacks ensure the platform is stable before using.  The platform edges and railings are fitted with ‘soft’ protective padding to protect it and the aircraft.

To make storage easier and to allow the platform to be moved under aircraft landing gear and wheel bay doors, a hydraulic system enables the platform to be collapsed.



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