RP100 Corpro Full Face Mask CL2 Small FFM1600

Full Face Mask | CL2 | Small | 580 grams

Part No: 802.200.03
  • Comfortable and lightweight with an optimised centre of gravity for long usage times
  • Mask come in three sizes with a 5 point head harness – designed using global facial profiling data
  • Low breathing resistance – dual inhale valves and low pressure drop filters
  • Unobstructed field of view – panoramic visor and swept back filter position
  • Impact resistant polycarbonate filter with anti-fog built in
  • Spares available for easy maintenance – longer product lifetime
  • Approvals CE0086 / EN 136:1998 / AS/NZS 1716:2012
Compatible with...

RP100 Corpro Full Face Mask CL2 Small FFM1600 is compatible with:

RP100 Corpro Respirator Range

RP100 Corpro Full Face Mask CL2

The Semmco Life Protection Systems RP100 Corpro Full Face Mask FFM1600 is innovatively designed with the end user in mind. Protective, comfortable and lightweight to wear with a panoramic view, the Full Face Mask is available as CL1 (on request) & CL2 in 3 sizes, with a full range of  replaceable filters to choose from.

The visor is tested to riot shield impact level providing high levels of safety when working in hazardous areas. The filters are positioned on the sides of the mask to give a much improved weight balance for the wearer; important when wearing the mask for long periods of time.

Following extensive research using global fit profiling data the five-point head harness ensures an excellent face fit. Combined with ultra-low breathing resistance the RP100 Corpro Full Face Mask keeps users more comfortable for longer.

Designed and manufactured in the UK

Available to buy online for quantities of 1 – 30 masks, for larger orders please contact the office by email lps@semmco.com or call 01483 757200.

FFM Side View

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"RP100 CORPRO half masks are more comfortable to wear for extended periods than single use FFP3 masks, have much better results from the quantitative fit testing than the single use masks, address the environmental concerns about the massive quantities of single use PPE entering the waste chain of as a result of COVID and finally give significant cost savings vs single use masks in high use areas, with the break even point coming after as few as 4 shifts..."
Intensive Care Setting in UK Hospital
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