RP100 Corpro Spectacle Kit for Full Face Mask

For use with RP100 Corpro Full Face Mask

Part No: 802.205.01
  • Fits inside RP100 Corpro Full Face Mask
  • Enables prescription lenses to be used whilst wearing mask
  • Easy to insert
  • Prevents damage
Compatible with...

RP100 Corpro Spectacle Kit for Full Face Mask is compatible with:

RP100 Corpro Respirator Range

RP100 Corpro Spectacle Kit for Full Face Mask

The RP100 Corpro Spectacle Kit is designed to be used inside the RP100 Corpro Full Face Mask.

The spectacle kit can be fitted with prescription lenses which are then easily clipped inside the mask, removing the need for the user to wear their own glasses inside the mask; giving a more comfortable fit.

Half face mask spectacle kit Corpro prescriptions optics scaled
"RP100 CORPRO half masks are more comfortable to wear for extended periods than single use FFP3 masks, have much better results from the quantitative fit testing than the single use masks, address the environmental concerns about the massive quantities of single use PPE entering the waste chain of as a result of COVID and finally give significant cost savings vs single use masks in high use areas, with the break even point coming after as few as 4 shifts..."
Intensive Care Setting in UK Hospital
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