Fixed Height Helicopter Rotor Access Platform

H2.25m - L1.2m - W 1.2m | LH & RH Platforms

Part No: 812.000.13-14
  • Safe and easy access to R22 or R44 main rotor and gearbox
  • Robust modular aluminium design and construction
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Slip resistant, self-draining tread steps & platform
  • For use in the hangar or on the line
Compatible with...

Fixed Height Helicopter Rotor Access Platform is compatible with:

R22 / R44

Fixed Height Helicopter R22/R44 Rotor Access Platforms 2.25m - LH/RH

These fixed height platforms, available as LH & RH options, are designed for safe and easy access to the R22 or R44 helicopter main rotor and gearbox.

The maintenance platforms can be used both in the hangar or on the ramp. Constructed from lightweight aluminium makes the platform robust yet easy to move around by an individual engineer.

Easy roll, lockable, swivel castors enable the platform to be moved close to and around helicopters and “soft” padding protects the helicopter and the platform.

Railings around the steps and platform ensure safe working areas and both are fitted with slip resistant, self-draining tread.



812.000.13 Robinson R44 Rotor Access H2.2xW1.2xL1.2 Starboard side crop
"Another impressive “Bit of Kit” from Semmco"
Shaun Judson
Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd
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