Fixed Height Main Landing Gear Access Platform LH H1.68m

H1.68m L3.0m W2.0m | LH | with hop up steps | plain tread

Part No: 812.012.22
  • Modular aluminium design and construction
  • Lightweight; easy to manoeuvre by one person
  • Aluminium basic sections
  • No slip tread
  • 2 man safe working load (SWL)
  • Good impact resistance, high rigidity & reduction of weight over steel by 2/3
  • High corrosion & UV resistance providing long life with high quality appearance
  • No additional finish-galvanising or painting
Compatible with...

Fixed Height Main Landing Gear Access Platform LH H1.68m is compatible with:


Fixed Height Main Landing Gear Access Platform LH H1.68m

The Main Landing Gear Maintenance Platform – Fixed Height is designed to enable access to the wheel bay of a range of aircraft to service the wheel struts. The platform is designed to fit around the wheel strut and the removable platform handrails enable easy removal of aircraft parts.

Additional ‘hop up’ steps can be provided that can be moved around the platform and fixed by location holes that are determined by the customer.

The platform is easy to manoeuver, is adjustable and is fully compliant with European standards and legislation.

812.012.30 A320 MLG H1.68 xL3.0 x W2.0 Hanagar RH stairs 8
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