Introducing the Engine Access Range

The Challenge

Aircraft engine manufacturers and MROs work to tight deadlines and operate in an environment that is safety focused.  During the build process, maintenance or inspection, the engineers need access to different stages and parts of the engine so that they can carry out their work effectively and efficiently but most of all, safely.

Whether during the build or maintenance and whether the engine is horizontal or vertical, different access points are required and some of these can be very difficult to reach and can include low access as well as access at height.  Manufacturers of access solutions must take these challenges into consideration while, at the same time, providing easy and safe access.

Access platforms and aircraft steps must also be easy to move into position and be stable once locked in place.  The intricate work carried out by the engineers means that the closer they can get to the engine and the area they are working on, the better and so platforms should be able to ‘hug’ the contours of the engine and safely extend the working area.

Solving the Problem

Semmco has been designing, manufacturing and supplying a range of access platforms and steps for the global aviation industry for more than 20 years.  Over the last few years, the range has extended to include working platforms and steps for engine manufacturers and MROs.  This range includes fixed and variable height steps and access platforms to enable engineers to access aircraft engines off-wing, during both horizontal and vertical build, maintenance and inspection.

The platforms and steps are manufactured from aluminium making them lightweight but robust, are fitted with non-slip stair treads and non-slip platform floors for extra safety, incorporate “soft” padding on platform edges and railings where required to protect the engines and have drop-down stability jacks and/or lockable castors to fix the platform or steps in place.  The sturdy, swivel castors ensure the platforms can be moved into place very easily too.

Some platforms have an electrically controlled, variable height function and some incorporate sliding fingers to the platform floor so that it can be adjusted and extended to fit around the contours of the engine and provide a greater, safer floor area for the engineers to work.

We have worked closely with our customers including Rolls Royce, Boeing and Airbus to develop this range of high quality equipment and consequently the platforms and steps provide the perfect access for the engineers and a safe working environment that they trust.

Take a look at the Engine Access sector on our website to learn more and see pictures of our aircraft maintenance platforms in action.