The Semmco Wheel & Brake Service Trailer (WBST) LARGE with RA rear & side ramp – onboard nitrogen

WBST LARGE configuration offers easy load ramp designed for Hydro RA / Malabar / Columbus jacks | Low pressure nitrogen panel & hose reel | 1 x 65L cylinder

Part No: 811.000.11
  • Easy load lightweight ramps
  • Robust design & construction
  • Safe storage of heavy aircraft wheels
  • Onboard Nitrogen, panel and hose reel
  • Tool shadow board or tool bo

Providing stowage options for:

  • Main Landing Wheels (wide body)
  • MLG trolley jack(s)
  • Brake pack clam shell
  • Nose wheel
  • Wheel & brake change dolly
  • Shadow tool board or tool box

The unique design incorporates a robust galvanised steel whale bone configuration chassis, lightweight steel side & roof modular frames. Lower side and front panel sections of galvanised steel with tie down/lasing eyes, rubber side and front bump protection strip. The side and front panels are GRP & plastic coated marine ply, with a slip resistant chequer plate aluminium floor.

Four pneumatic, heavy load, rear wheels provide an easy rolling chassis. A front “A” frame provides the mounting of a slew ring steering with front axle mounted pneumatic front wheels. The robust tow bar with vertical parked position provides safe brake to wheel parking. Complete with a water proof translucent GRP roof.

The easy load, gas assisted, lightweight steel frame ramps are fitted with slip resistant chequer plate which provide the ideal gradient for safe and easy load, unload of heavy, axle jacks, main landing wheels, brake packs, & wheel & brake change dolly’s.

The on board 2 cylinder stowage with pneumatic hose and low pressure Nitrogen charging panel (tyre pressure) with a retractable hose reel (10m) complete with quick release hose connections provides the one stop wheel change facility.

An optional on-board nitrogen high/low pressure charge panel with cylinder stowage is available upon request.


811.000.11 WBS Trailer LARGE with onboard LP N2 Reel 3
"We are very happy with the services and products provided by Semmco"
Colin Wehrle – Health & Safety & Environmental Risk Advisor
Virgin Atlantic Airways
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