Side Access Rail Maintenance Platform

H1.0m - L2.0m - W0.8m | with Jib Fall Restraint

Part No: 813.001.01
  • Robust modular aluminium design & construction
  • Safety jib system for use with fall restraint equipment
  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre
  • Slip resistant tread steps & platform
  • Platform edge protective "soft" padding
Compatible with...

Side Access Rail Maintenance Platform is compatible with:

Bombardier 172 / Bombardier Aventura / Bombardier Turbostr / Bombardier Voyager / Bombardier 170 / Hitachi 385-ASR / Hitachi Azuma / Hitachi Class 800 / Hitachi Javelin / Siemens 717 / Siemens 707 / Eurostar Siemens e320 / Alstom Pendolino / Alstom 175 / BREL 158 / Intercity 125 / CAF 397 / CAF 197 / CAF 331

Side Access Rail Maintenance Platform H1.1m

Designed for internal or external use within the Train Depot environment, light weight, robust aluminium construction the chassis provides 4 x lockable heavy duty swivel castors for ease of use, controlled manoeuvrability and positioning in and around depots.

The platform area provides a large safe working area with fixed handrails on the left hand and rear sides, the stairway provides safe access, incorporating slip resistant stair and platform treads whilst soft wave padding provides protection, on the front edge, to the train from potential impact. The platform incorporates fall arrest jib for utilisation with fall restraint systems on the rear side with easy hook on lanyard eyes. Find out more about our access platforms here.

"The products work very well and because they provide a high level of safety our engineers have confidence in using them. Importantly too, our customers who visit our workshop have been very impressed and can see how we practice EHS in reality."
Rune Aune, Senior Advisor, Rolling Stock
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