Rail Pit Board

Pit bridge board | Removable hand rail pockets | Hi-vis non-slip |1.5m wide

Part No: 813.007.59
  • Hi-vis non-slip robust construction
  • Optional hand rail configurations
  • Easy fit & removal of handrails and pit ladders
  • Can remain in position whilst rolling stock use the road
  • Optional size & safe secure jointing plate
Compatible with...

Rail Pit Board is compatible with:

Bombardier 172 / Bombardier Aventura / Bombardier Turbostr / Bombardier Voyager / Bombardier 170 / Hitachi 385-ASR / Hitachi Azuma / Hitachi Class 800 / Hitachi Javelin / Siemens 717 / Siemens 707 / Eurostar Siemens e320 / Alstom Pendolino / Alstom 175 / BREL 158 / Intercity 125 / CAF 397 / CAF 197 / CAF 331

Rail Pit Board

The Pit Board is designed to create a “bridge” to ensure safe passage over depot pits or a safe working zone when working on train couplers.

Specifically designed to be easily installed in depots, the Pit Board is a lightweight aluminium frame with heavy duty GRP, hi-vis yellow, non-slip, self-draining square grating to withstand heavy foot traffic. The Pit Board incorporates adjustable feet to cater for the varying rail gauge profiles and provides a safe secure fit, with integral sockets and security pins for removable hand rails or pit ladder access.

The Pit Board is designed to remain in a secure position while allowing rolling stock and vehicle fleet to pass over it safely .

Optional removable hand rails and pit ladder access configurations available:

Aluminium hand rail with toe board Part No.: 813.007.01 (shown right)

Aluminium handrail with “lift & lock” swing gate either end Part No.: 813.007.04

Aluminium handrail with pit access ladder & handrail Part No.:  813.007.02

Rail Pit Board
"The new generation of Semmco access solutions have been developed in accordance with the new regulations on working at height which came into force into 2005..."
Robert Chadwick – Project Production Delivery Manager
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