Nitrogen Trolley – Solar – Demount – 3 Cylinder (45L)

Digital Low pressure panel | solar panel re-charge system | Retractable hose reel system | Optional single point charging

Part No: 804.310.43
  • High Accuracy tyre charge +/- 0.5%
  • Solar energy recharge support
  • Reduced manual handing incidents with safe easy load cylinder cradle system
  • Robust chassis with suspension
  • HP & LP | including retractable hose reel
  • Compliant with OH&S manual handling, EU standards & Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)

Nitrogen Trolley - Solar - Demount - 3 cylinder

The Semmco Eco Nitrogen Trolley comes equipped with a digital control panel and is battery powered with solar energy recharge support. The control panel enables the electronic pre-set pressure selection for tyre inflation/deflation over the range 4-320psi (0.3-22bar) with a clear visual display.

The system incorporates a ceramic sensor for pressure accuracy of +/- 0.5% over the full functioning range and offers simple and safe operational service over its long product life. The built-in solar photovoltaic panel charges the 12V battery whenever its surface is exposed to sunlight and a series of coloured LED lamps provide information on battery charge condition.

An emergency mains 240v charge system is available after extended indoor or night-time use. The dial up digital display is housed in a protective cabinet and includes a HIGH-Pressure safety regulator, enabling strut or accumulator inflation from a High Pressure port on the front of the panel.

A retractable low pressure hose reel provides safe stowage of a 6.4m long aircraft tyre charging hose with safe and easy deployment.

The Semmco 3 cylinder trolley/cart is designed to meet airport environment requirements for safe transportation of gas cylinders.

The robust chassis incorporates all wheel suspension, proven slew ring steering and safe wheel brake parking with the tow bar in its vertical position.

Also available as:

Part No.: 804.310.53 Nitrogen Trolley – Solar –Fixed – 3 Cylinder (Mk12 65L) HP + LP including retractable hose reel

digital panel nitrogen trolley cut out

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