Military Product: NATO Fixed 4 Cylinder Oxygen Trolley

Part No: Bespoke product
  • Simplifies loading and unloading of cylinders
  • Fitted with oxygen charging panel
  • Safety features incorporated

The fixed cylinder trolley is designed to carry 2, 3 or 4 MK12 steel cylinders (other carrying options/configurations available)that are mounted on a cylinder cradle, simplifying loading and unloading of cylinders.

A welded frame chassis made from square section steel tube with Skydrol resilient paint, is supported by four road wheels mounted on independent suspension units.  The trolley is fitted with reflectors to the rear and sides of the chassis and steering is via the front wheels, mounted on a sealed turntable.

The sub-frame, used on the three-cylinder model, is bolted to the chassis.  The cradle can be removed using lifting eyes or a fork lift.

A simple to operate oxygen panel is mounted in the waist height cabinet that contains stop valves, pressure gauges and regulators to control the gas flow. The regulator(s) outputs are each connected to hose reel(s) mounted on the chassis.

The high and low pressure oxygen system incorporates safety features, a high performance pneumatic system with safe stowage retractable hose reels and integral single point charging system with safe to use coupling.

Optional extras:  Excess flow valves and earthing reels.

804.009.00 NATO Nitrogen 4 Cylinder Fixed Trolley (5)
"The entire process has been extremely professional, and it is rare to work with a company whose employees are genuinely proud of what they do and the company they work for"
Alfredo Gianoglio, EHS & Quality Manager, Norway
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