Low Pressure Walk Round Nitrogen Charge Kit

Regulator-Cylinder Gauge | Outlet Pressure Gauge | Relief Valve (330psi) | Charge Hose with Digital Tyre Inflator (8V1)

Part No: 890.100.01
  • over the shoulder carry bag
  • easily carried by one person
  • custom designed cylinder valve assembly
  • safety pressure relief valve (330psi)
  • includes digital tyre inflator (8V1)

Low Pressure Walk Round Nitrogen Charge Kit

The Semmco nitrogen portable charging kit is designed to provide a convenient and easy method of topping up aircraft door systems and tyres. The charging kit is easily handled by one person, housed in a robust, shower proof shoulder carry bag, with double zip to allow easy access and visibility to the cylinder content gauge, regulator and fill pressure gauge.

Visibility of the cylinder contents is obtained through the cylinder content gauge, which is constantly reading and measuring the cylinder contents; with an ON/OFF valve supplying gas to the regulator.

The regulator and relief valve assembly are housed in a damage resistant close foam protective lining, incorporating a 1.5m charge/connection hose and Shrader connection on the hose end for easy connecting to door assist bottle.

A cylinder charging connection point, located on the side of the valve body using a designated charge adaptor to prevent cross contamination and inappropriate charging methods.

This product is part of our ground support equipment range. View our high pressure nitrogen charge kit.

SEM PRO 02 030

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