Fixed Height Rail Front Access Platform H1.5m

H1.5m | W2.9m | L1.0m | Depot triple castors

Part No: 813.100.03
  • Multi train fleet operational fit
  • Easy service & maintenance of wipers, windscreens & destination boards
  • Easy to manoeuvre, position and secure in position
  • Safe robust working platform
  • Fully compliant to working at height regulations
Compatible with...

Fixed Height Rail Front Access Platform H1.5m is compatible with:

Bombardier 170

Fixed Height Rail Front Access Maintenance Platform H1.5m

Fixed height train front access platform designed for safe and easy access to the front of the train for inspection and maintenance for windscreen exchange, wiper/wiper motor maintenance, lighting & destination boards.

High stability, robust aluminium chassis provides ease of manoeuvering, with lockable triple castor wheels preventing wheels becoming stuck in rail gullies whilst been moved around depots.

Step ladder on rear side of the platform allows safe easy access onto the platform which provides a safe working area.

Fixed handrails on rear side with left and right side.

Slip resistant ladder and platform treads provide the ideal access & working platform for front of train access.

The platform front edge has soft padding which provides the train protection from any accidental impact. See more about our access platforms here.

FH front access rail 813.100.03
"Thank you for the steps..they were bespoke and due to the confines of the location were an awkward design, however you have come through. All users have commented on the stability and overall quality."
Rob Wyndham-Murray
East Midlands Trains
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