Variable Height Wide Body Cargo Bay & Bulk Bay Access Platform L/H

H2.4m-3.4m | L2.1m | W 3.83m | L/H

Part No: 812.101.13
  • Extra wide stair for easy access with bulky components
  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre
  • Profiled sliding side rails to provide close fit to aircraft
  • Platform edge & railing protective “soft” padding provided close safe fit
  • Slip resistant tread steps & platform
  • Platform extension for bulk cargo
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Variable Height Wide Body Cargo Bay & Bulk Bay Access Platform L/H is compatible with:


Variable Height Wide Body Cargo Bay & Bulk Bay Access Platform L/H

Variable height Cargo Bay platform designed for easy access to wide body cargo bays for easy access into cargo/ freight bay for service and inspection on and around the door and door seal for wide body fleet in hangar. Fitted with extra wide stair for easy access carrying bulky components.

High stability chassis with easy roll castors, supports the variable height, working platform and stairs with the addition of “kick down” stability jacks

The variable height system uses an easy hand crank, low maintenance, rack and gear drive system for height adjustment 2.4m – 3.4m when the desired working height is realised safety locking pins are inserted in the legs to provide a secure resting position for the platform.

A robust lightweight aluminium constructed stair & working platform provides a safe working area with full protection of handrails with adjustable side handrails to suit aircraft profile.

Full edge & railing “soft” protective padding. Find out more about our access platforms here. See our aircraft cargo loaders.

812.101.06 12 Cargo freight bay variable H2.5 3.5 stairs rising feft to right 5 web
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