The Covid-19 pandemic is having a great impact all across the world. In these unprecedented times, first and foremost, Semmco is focused on protecting the health and safety of our employees and customers. In order to secure this objective, we have closely followed the guidelines set by governments and the World Health Organization and adopted very strict measures worldwide to limit the impact of the pandemic on all our people.

We are also striving to minimize its impact on our operations for the benefit of our clients and employees. Currently, in our head office in the UK, many of our support staff are working from home. Our Production Technicians, who cannot work remotely are working in accordance with the guidelines and adhering to the Semmco Covid-19 Policy. We have taken every precaution, putting Health & Safety at the forefront of our objectives to allow our business to continue working for our customers who rely on our continual support.

In these difficult times, we continue to be fully operational and have increased production of our Life Protection Systems range of protective breathing apparatus, face masks and filters, in order to do this within the guidelines, we have introduced various safe systems of working. These include;

1. Our employees are being asked to ensure they observe a strict 2 metre distance from every person they come into contact with.
2. When working within our facilities, our employees are being asked to record their temperature daily.
3. Our office staff, when required to work in the office, are working in clearly marked, segregated areas.
4. Our employees are now operating a split shift pattern so that, at any time, no more than 3 employees are on a break together.
5. We have requested that facemasks are worn at all times whilst working/visiting our facilities.
6. We have increased our cleaning, cleaning surfaces and touchpoints on a regular basis – we have a cleaning rota in place and have supplied employees disinfectant wipes and disposable paper towels to help them do this.
7. Everyone has been instructed to maintain an exceptionally high level of hygiene that includes:
– Washing hands regularly for 20 seconds using soap and warm water
– Avoiding touching eyes, nose and mouth
– Coughing into a tissue or the crook of your elbow if a tissue is not available
– Using hand sanitizers regularly and particularly before entering rooms – we have placed these throughout our facilities
– Using disposable paper towels at all times
8. Apart from deliveries and essential customer visits, which are under special conditions – we are unfortunately no longer welcoming visitors to our sites. Where possible, we are conducting video conferencing rather than meeting face to face.

We will update our working practices and continue to protect our employees in line with the recommendations that are changing on a daily basis and keep everyone informed at all times. Semmco provides access platforms, hop up platforms and landing gear access solutions.

We thank everyone for their continued support and ask everyone to stay safe.

Stuart McOnie and the Semmco Team