Frequently Asked Questions - RP100 CORPRO RANGE

FAQs for RP100 Corpro Range of Respiratory Protection Equipment

1. Should I wear a half mask or a full face mask?
Both are effective respiratory protection solutions, but it depends on your job role’s specific requirements and what other PPE you are required to wear as to which type of mask would be a better solution for you. Speak to your Health and Safety Officer if you are unsure.

2. How long do RP100 CORPRO half masks and full face masks last?
This depends on usage, storage and care of masks by individuals. Spare parts are available for the masks ensuring they are fully serviceable for 5 years.

3. Do people need to be fit tested before wearing your masks?
We would always advise being fit tested by an accredited person, as it is mandated by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive).

Semmco LPS recommend the following fit testing company: John Parsons at Endeavour 12

4. What types of filters are available and how do I know which one to use?
Our filters fit both Semmco LPS RP100 Corpro Half and Full Face Masks and CORPRO HM1400 Half Masks and CORPRO FFM1600 Full Face Masks.

We would always recommend speaking to your Health and Safety Officer to confirm which filter to use for the environment you are working in.

We stock a range of 9 filters which are sold in a set of 2 filters and can be used on full face and half masks.
P3R / A1 / A2 / ABE1 / ABEK1 / A1P3RD / A2P3RD / ABE1P3RD / ABEK1P3RD

If you have a requirement for another type of filter please contact or call 01483 757200.

5. Are filters reusable and interchangeable?
Yes, all Semmco LPS RP100 Corpro filters can be used on any Semmco RP100 Corpro HM1400 Half Mask and RP100 Corpro FFM1600 Full Face Masks. Filters are reusable but must be stored in an airtight box or zip lock bag when not in use. If filters have been exposed to the open air when unused, or are damaged, they should not be used.

6. Which filter type is used for protection against COVID-19?
Our P3R filter is the most commonly used to protect against COVID-19.

Additionally any of our combination filters with a P3 R element can also be used should you require protection from hazardous vapours in addition to COVID-19 that being A1P3 R D / A2P3 R D / ABE1 P3 R D / ABEK1 P3 R D filters.

7. Which type of filter can be used to protect against asbestos?
We would always advise you to consult your Health and Safety Officer before ordering any filters for use in hazardous environments.

The HSE website confirms P3 filters are suitable for most short duration work with asbestos – for more detail click here.

8. How long do filters last?
RP100 Corpro filters do have a limited lifespan and have expiration dates on their original packaging, these must always be checked before first use.

Please refer to HSE website or your Health & Safety Officer for their recommendations regarding a filter change schedule for replacing the filters at regular intervals.

Depending on the type of filter there are varying signs of any filter reaching their end life. These include but are not limited to:

a. clogging
b. contamination
c. damage
d. working environment (clean / dirty)
e. temperature
f. usage duration
g. method of use

9. Are your products latex free?
Yes, our entire Semmco LPS RP100 CORPRO range is latex free.

10. Do the half masks and full face masks filter air on the exhale (i.e. If the user had COVID-19, would others would be protected)?
Like many disposable and tight-fitting reusable respirators, air is only filtered on the inhale, therefore, only the user would be explicitly protected against COVID-19. When working in teams all members should wear masks to ensure full protection.

11. How long can you wear the half mask and full face masks for?
We would refer you to the HSE website for guidance. Some people can find it difficult wearing respiratory protection for long periods. We would recommend taking a short break every hour if possible.

12. What is your recommended cleaning procedure for the RP100 Corpro half mask, full face mask and range of filters?
We advise a 10% bleach solution with water or antibacterial wipe to wipe the whole of the mask and the outside of the filters (making sure the solution does not go inside the filters as this will cause damage).

The mask can also be submerged into solution without the filter and rinse after use. Mask must be completely dry before reuse.

We also acknowledge that 60% or over alcohol products, hypochlorous acid products and hydrogen peroxide solutions can effectively disinfect our masks, filters and portacounts. Again, make sure these cleaning solutions do not go inside the filters.

13. How often should you disinfect your mask and filters if working in an environment with Covid-19?
This would ultimately be the decision of your Health and Safety Officer. However, we would advise that you should disinfect at the end of each working day as a basic preventative measure, and more often if coming into direct contact with COVID-19 positive individuals.

14. Do your masks provide protection if worn during AGPs (aerosol generating procedures)?
Yes, our full face masks and half masks can be worn to provide protection to the wearer during AGPs. The masks and filters can be disinfected as detailed above.

Our filters have been designed to prevent most droplets entering the filter, however, if any fluid bypasses this cover to the pleated filter material inside, this would need to be discussed with your Health and Safety officer as to how to proceed.

15. How do you store your masks and filters safely?
We recommend storing the mask and filters in an airtight box or zip-lock bag, with some form of desiccant (such as a silica gel sachet), when not in use.

16. Can the Portacount adaptors be disinfected in the same way as the masks and filters?
Yes they can, please see the cleaning procedure detailed above in Q.12.

17. Are there any instructional videos on how to appropriately wear, adjust and/or maintain your masks and filters?
Please follow this link to view

18. Can I buy these products online with a credit card
Yes – Orders of 1 – 30 products can be made by clicking here and selecting your required products and adding the relevant delivery charge in the products area based on the number of products in your basket. You can then pay online using a credit card. Please note there is a 2.5% fee for credit card payments.

Delivery Charges up to 30 items
1-10     £10.00 delivery
11-15  £15.50 delivery
16-20  £20.50 delivery
21-25  £25.50 delivery
26-30  £30.75 delivery

Any orders above this quantity please contact the office on or call +44 (0)1483 757200 and we can arrange a bespoke delivery charge based on your order quantities and send you an online payment link via email.

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