Aviation Product: Wheel & Brake Changer

AWBC 5 - A380 (widebody)

Part No: 803.000.06
  • Handles wheel diameters of 39" (990mm) to 56" (1420mm) including brake packs
  • Unique pin index system for roller position based on wheel pitch
  • Easy raising and lowering with hydraulic pump
  • Easy handling and manouevrable
Compatible with...

Wheel & Brake Changer is compatible with:

A330 / A380 / B747-400 / B767 / B777 / B787

Wheel & Brake Changer - AWBC 5 - A380 (widebody)

The Semmco Wheel and Brake Changer has been developed for the safe removal and replacement of large aircraft wheels and brake packs (widebody).

The unit can handle varying diameters from 39″ (990 mm) to 56″ (1420 mm) along with their associated brake packs.

The Wheel and Brake Changer is extremely manoeuvrable and easy to handle. It is fitted with a manually operated winch for lifting the brake packs from their transportation crates and placing them on the changer’s rollers prior to being fitted to the aircraft.

Adjustable roller positions allow ease of selection for wheel or brake units.

The unique design has a pin index system for positioning the rollers to the required pitch of the wheels being removed. Raising and lowering is carried out by a simple and effective hydraulic pump. The unit allows the rollers to be positioned in the upper setting for removal and replacing of brake packs. By fitting the jib and manually operated winch allows the brake packs to be raised from the rollers, which are positioned in the wide open setting and the brake pack lowered into the transportation case.

803.000.06 Wheel & Brake changer Wide Body A380 - Qantas (2)
"We are very happy with the services and products provided by Semmco. The one month delivery schedule was adhered to and the regular updates helped in keeping everyone happy."
Colin Wehrle – Health & Safety & Environmental Risk Advisor
Virgin Atlantic Airways
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