Variable Height Platform H2.5m | 4.5m | W2.2m

H2.5-4.5m| W2.2m | L1.5m|Robust easy tow chassis

Part No: 812.745.03
  • Easy PAX access to A320 Family -A330-340-350 B757-767-777-787 Fwd Door
  • Platform edge & railing protective "soft" padding
  • Slip resistant self-draining tread steps & platform
  • High stability towable chassis with easy action "kick down" stability jacks
Compatible with...

Variable Height Platform H2.5m | 4.5m | W2.2m is compatible with:

A320 / A330 / A340 / A350 / B757 / B767 / B777 / B787

Variable Height Platform H2.5m | 4.5m | W2.2m

Variable height steps designed for easy access to PAX door A320 Family -A330-340-350 B757-767-777-787 Fwd doors together with service and inspection points in and around narrow & wide body fleet in hangar or ramp conditions.

The variable height system uses a double action hydraulic pump for height adjustment (1.9 to 3.25m) which incorporates a dog rack and lock safety system that is sprung loaded ensuring each incremental increase 50mm (2inch) in height is locked out safely.

A robust lightweight aluminium constructed stair & working platform (W2.2 x L1.5m) for ease of manoeuvring with slip resistant, self-draining tread for stairs and platform which incorporates unique adjustable sliding side railings, to ensure close fit to the fuselage.

High stability chassis designed to meet airport environment requirements for safe transportation of access steps incorporates four pneumatic, heavy load, wheels provide an easy rolling chassis. The robust tow bar and steering system with vertical parking position.

Rear & front stability kick down jacks, incorporating full platform edge & railing “soft” protective padding

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"We have your O2 trolley in operation and we are really happy - meets exactly what we expected - Thank you also for your after sales support."
Jean-François Namur
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