Typhoon Maintenance Access Platform

Part No: Bespoke product
  • Easy access to cockpit and installation points
  • Easy height adjustment

This Typhoon Maintenance Access Platform provides easy access to cockpit and installation points of both single seater and two seater aircraft.

The height of the platform is easily adjusted using the hydraulic cylinder and hand pump.

Compressed air and electric power supply via supplies boom for right and left working platform, easy to disconnect between boom and platform and between platforms.


  • 1 step – access to nose and forward fuselage section, including radome and refuelling boom
  • 1 forward fuselage dock left
  • 1 forward fuselage dock right (mirrored view)
  • 1 rear fuselage dock left
  • 1 rear fuselage dock right (mirrored view)
  • 1 horizontal stabilizer dock (use on starboard and port side)
  • 2 bridges to connect forward and rear fuselage dock
Typhoon Maintenance Access Platform
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Graeme Corcoran – Quality Systems Specialist
Boeing Ireland Limited
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