Transportation Trailer 6 Cylinder – Towable

Semmco 6 cylinder transport trailer | "Safe Easy Load" cylinder cradle system | Holds 50L W cylinders

Part No: 811.200.00
  • Safe stowage and transport for 6 cylinders
  • Semmco Safe Easy load cylinder cradle system
  • Easy to manoeuvre and tow
  • Robust chassis with suspension and wheel brake system
  • Compliant with OH&S manual handling

Transportation Trailer 6 cylinder - Towable

The Semmco cylinder transport trailer designed for easy manoeuvring and transport of charged and empty cylinders from stores to line or hangar and with stowage capacity designed to meet airport environment requirements for safe transportation & storage of charged or empty gas cylinders.

The robust chassis incorporates all wheel suspension, proven slew ring steering and safe wheel brake parking with tow bar in vertical position.

The chassis is designed to accommodate 6 cylinders incorporating a “safe easy load” cylinder cradle system with a secure locking system.

IMG 2405
"Another impressive “Bit of Kit” from Semmco"
Shaun Judson
Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd
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