Aviation Product: Tyre Strut Inflation Tool

Supplied in hard plastic case | 2m hose

Part No: 890.130.00
  • Specialist aircraft strut tool
  • Maximum working pressure range of 0-3,600 psi
  • Used for inflating / deflating struts / accumulators
  • Gauge accuracy +/- 1% full scale
  • 100mm (4 inch) gauge size for easy visibility
  • Gauge is a compliant S3 safety pattern with blow off plate for use up to 3,600psi
  • Fully traceable with individual serial number

Tyre Strut Inflation Tool

The tyre strut inflation tool unit has the following features:

  • a main strut flow valve to control gas flow
  • a vent valve for safe venting of gas
  • a strut valve connector that connects directly to the aircraft strut
  • a strut valve connector that allows the operator to control gas to and from the aircraft strut valve
  • 2m hose length for safe and practical operation

The Strut Inflator Tool is supplied in a protective carry case and is extremely accurate and safe for fast and easy operation.

Used by leading airlines and aviation maintenance organisations worldwide.

The unit is supplied with 18 months warranty and calibration. Semmco can provide an annual maintenance and calibration service to ensure that the unit is maintained to industry standards (service or calibration by third party companies may see product warranty and guarantee void).

Tyre Strut Inflation Tool
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