Roof Rail Access Platform H3.55m

H3.55m | L6.0m | W0.8m | With Steel Chassis Boxing Ring

Part No: 813.200.33
  • Access to WiFi, Driver/Carriage HVAC & Pantograph Well
  • Castor wheels which allow easy manouvering between rail roadways
  • Mechanical or hydraulic height adjustment options
  • Side or front ladder/stair access
  • Profile edge to suit vehicle profile with polyprop edge padding ensuring no damage to train stock
  • Optional sliding finger profile to suit all rolling stock profiles
Compatible with...

Roof Rail Access Platform H3.55m is compatible with:

Bombardier 172 / Bombardier Aventura / Bombardier Turbostr / Bombardier Voyager / Bombardier 170 / Hitachi 385-ASR / Hitachi Azuma / Hitachi Class 800 / Hitachi Javelin / Siemens 717 / Siemens 707 / Eurostar Siemens e320 / Alstom Pendolino / Alstom 175 / BREL 158 / Intercity 125 / CAF 397 / CAF 197 / CAF 331

Roof Rail Access Platform H3.55m

Constructed from lightweight aluminium, providing stable and rigid access. The unique, aluminium construction ensures the steps and platforms are easy to manoeuvre and offers various configurations with many options to suit differing work and access requirements around rolling stock.

This platform can give access to WiFi, Driver & Carriage Access HVAC and Electric Pantograph Well.

The construction offers a tongue & groove interlock platform section for high stability with kick boards, ergonomically shaped hand rails and steps/stairs configured to be integrated or separate to suit customer requirements.

All steps and access platforms are designed to offer a safe working platform with maximum safety for personnel and optimised productivity with built in protection systems preventing any accidental damage to rolling stock.

Other sizes and heights are available based on your specific depot requirements. See our full range of roof access platforms. Find out more about our access platforms here.

813.200.33 6 m Roof access
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Alfredo Gianoglio, EHS & Quality Manager, Norway
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