Helicopter Blade Rack

Part No: 806.900.02
  • Stows up to 5 helicopter blades
  • Soft blade rung protection
  • Easy roll, lockable castors
  • Lightweight aluminium

Helicopter Blade Rack

The Helicopter Blade Rack is designed to safely and securely stow up to 5 rotor blades, across three rung supports fitted with soft blade protection.

Lockable, castors make the Rack easy to move and the frame is powder coated.

Simple, easy and protective storage

Helicopter rotor blades are one of the most expensive parts of a helicopter and get damaged during storage more than at any other time. They are heavy, bulky and take up a lot of space. All these factors make them very vulnerable while they are being stored. Semmco’s Helicopter Blade Rack is easy to manoeuvre and makes blade storage simple and easy as well as providing essential protection for the blades.

Made from lightweight aluminium, the Blade Rack can store up to five helicopter blades on padded rungs that help protect the blades during storage. The rungs are sufficiently spaced to make loading the blades easy and safe. The Blade Rack is fitted with easy-roll, lockable castors too so that it can be moved around a hanger and the castors locked when needed to fix the rack in place.

If you would like any further information on this or other helicopter products please speak to one of our sales team. See also our helicopter access platforms. Semmco provides access steps and ground support equipment.


806.900.02 Blade Rack 4.3m long 5 racks 1
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