Helicopters Product: Helicopter Blade Rack

Part No: 806.900.02
  • Stows up to 5 helicopter blades
  • Soft blade rung protection
  • Easy roll, lockable castors
  • Lightweight aluminium

Helicopter Blade Rack

The Helicopter Blade Rack is designed to safely and securely stow up to 5 rotor blades, across three rung supports fitted with soft blade protection.

Lockable, castors make the Rack easy to move and the frame is powder coated.




806.900.02 Blade Rack 4.3m long 5 racks (1)
"Thank you for the steps..they were bespoke and due to the confines of the location were an awkward design, however you have come through. All users have commented on the stability and overall quality."
Rob Wyndham-Murray
East Midlands Trains
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