Rail Pit Board Connecting Plate

Connecting plate | Non-slip Aluminium | Robust locking pins

Part No: 813.007.08
  • Lightweight aluminium
  • Provides safe walkway between 2 Pit Boards
  • 4 jointing pins to ensure robust connection
  • Easy fit
  • Security pins
Compatible with...

Rail Pit Board Connecting Plate is compatible with:

Bombardier 172 / Bombardier Aventura / Bombardier Turbostr / Bombardier Voyager / Bombardier 170 / Hitachi 385-ASR / Hitachi Azuma / Hitachi Class 800 / Hitachi Javelin / Siemens 717 / Siemens 707 / Eurostar Siemens e320 / Alstom Pendolino / Alstom 175 / BREL 158 / Intercity 125 / CAF 397 / CAF 197 / CAF 331

Pit Board Connecting Plate

Aluminium connecting plate to join two pit boards together and provide a safe walkway between the two boards.

The connecting plate has four jointing pins which locate in the pit board ladder/handrail pockets providing a secure, robust and safe method for connecting pit boards together.

Easy fit connecting plate into location pockets with security pins designed to be compatible with Semmco’s pit boards.

Rail Pit Board Connecting Plate
"We chose Semmco to provide this equipment due to their superior quality, robustness, manoeuvrability, portability (lightweight) and cost effectiveness. "
John Quinn
First Scot Rail Limited
Trusted by the biggest names in the business
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