B737 Fixed Height Cargo Bay Maintenance Steps

H1.25m - L1.0m - W1.3m | 5 Steps

Part No: 812.125.04
  • Easy access to B737 Forward Cargo Bay
  • Platform edge & railing protective "soft" padding
  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre
  • Slip resistant self-draining tread steps & platform
  • High stability chassis with easy action stability jacks
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B737 Fixed Height Cargo Bay Maintenance Steps are compatible with:


B737 Fixed Height Cargo Bay Maintenance Steps

Designed for hangar or ramp conditions with a robust lightweight aluminium construction for ease of manoeuvring with slip resistant, self-draining tread for stairs and platform incorporating B737 fuselage profiled side railings with gas assisted rotation of side railings for stowage if required.

High stability chassis incorporating heavy duty wheel front axle and twin rear wheel swivel castor provides close manoeuvrability in and around planes & helicopters.

Rear stability jacks and full platform edge & railing “soft” protective padding.

82.125.04 Render 03
"Thank you very much for your outstanding work on this project. I am delighted with how it has turned out and the quality of the finish."
James McKenzie
Mission Critical Services Onshore | Aviation | Babcock International Group
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