RP100 CORPRO Exhale Barrier

Protecting people from the exhale breath of the mask wearer

Part No: On request
  • Filters wearer’s exhaled breath, significantly reducing COVID-19 risk to others
  • Made of a lightweight PTFE material which is 98% efficient (Above 0.3 microns measured at 5.33cms⁻¹ and exhaled air at >99% efficiency)
  • Is highly hydrophobic, resistant to high temperatures and has a high tensile strength 
  • Disposable 
  • Securely fits RP100 Corpro HM1400 Half Mask
Compatible with...

RP100 CORPRO Exhale Barrier is compatible with:

RP100 Corpro Respirator Range

RP100 CORPRO Exhale Barrier

The RP100 Corpro disposable Exhale Barrier securely fits over the exhale valve of the RP100 Corpro Half Mask HM1400 to provide protection to people exposed to the exhale breath of the user.



"I have today visited BACE to have a look at the installation for the project. The installation looks impressive with a job well done. Thank you."
Patrick Evans – Senior Project Manager
AMS Limited
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