HEAD Alarm Trainer

Part No: 802.001.26
  • simplified version for easy training
  • three mode buttons
  • replica mask with audio visual alarm
Compatible with...

HEAD Alarm Trainer is compatible with:

Training Courses & Equipment


The Semmco LPS Alarm trainer provides trainers and users with an easy to use version of the audio and visual alarm which features in HEAD breathing apparatus.

There are three modes:

Start up – the HEAD breathing apparatus will flash and beep 5 times to show the set is operational for immediate use

2/3 duration – the intermittent beeps indicate there is 2/3rds of the air left available and that you should now be leaving the hazardous area

Remove set – the final constant beep indicates there is no longer an adequate supply of oxygen for the user and that the set should be removed in a safe non-hazardous environment


SEM HS 01 176r

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