Respiratory Protection Equipment for the Prison & Police Service

Semmco Life Protection Systems offer breathing protection for prison, detention centre and police cell teams during work and rescue scenarios

Semmco for Prison Service PPE
CSRE/RPE Breathing Protection
  • For Work & Rescue
  • Automatic start - instant O2 supply for up to 15 minutes
  • Maintenance free for 12 years, with revalidation at 6 & 9 years, lower through life cost than our competitors
  • Ideal for confined spaces - no bulky cylinder to carry
  • Lightweight & easy to operate - only half day training required
  • Unique mask design - no face mask fit test required
  • Panoramic visor allowing optimum vision
  • No mouth piece to restrict communication
  • Audio & visual safety alarm indicating low oxygen level to user
semmco for the Prison Service PPE industry


Providing correctional officers with the appropriate respiratory protection equipment is crucial to maintain safe and decent regimes within prisons and the police service. Keeping officers protected so they can manage the safety of their prisoners is paramount.

Semmco’s Life Protection Systems HEAD range was created to protect individuals from hazardous working environments, including ammonia, oxygen deficiency and smoke.  The head worn set provides a safe and constant supply of oxygen leaving the wearer’s hands free to carry out their work.

The HEAD15 CSRE/Respiratory Protection Equipment (RPE) set contains many of the unique features of the HEAD range but to meet the requirements of the Prison and Police Service it accommodates a higher breathing rate and provides a duration of 15 minutes.




"RP100 CORPRO half masks are more comfortable to wear for extended periods than single use FFP3 masks, have much better results from the quantitative fit testing than the single use masks, address the environmental concerns about the massive quantities of single use PPE entering the waste chain of as a result of COVID and finally give significant cost savings vs single use masks in high use areas, with the break even point coming after as few as 4 shifts..."
Intensive Care Setting in UK Hospital

Proven Track Record: Recent Life Protection Systems Case Studies

HEAD 10 Escape Set

HEAD 10 Escape Set

HEAD10 is an award winning respiratory protection apparatur used for escape. It is a lightweight, ergonomic, closed circuit, hooded apparatus, that provides the wearer with a safe, simple and effective...

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