Rail access platforms - roof access, steps, front access, modular and fixed Gantry

Rail Access Platforms - roof access, steps, front access, modular and fixed gantry

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"To provide innovative engineering solutions for rolling stock and depot maintenance"

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Rail Roof Access

Roof Access

A comprehensive range of fixed and mobile roof access solutions, with variable carriage to access platform interface panels - various steps/ladders to suit customer installations.

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Rail access Steps

Side Access Steps

A complete range of access steps to suit all rail maintenance access requirements.

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Front Access Steps

Front Access

A very innovative rail or workshop floor mounted platform with stairs or ladder access and fixed sliding edge profile.

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Modular Rail Access


Offering a flexible working solution for all types of access requirements.

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Fixed gantry Rail access

Fixed Gantry

Designed to suit customer specific requirements.

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Pit Board Rail Pitccess

Pit Access Pit Boards and Door Bars

Semmco provides a comprehensive range of pit boards and pit access steps.

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Pit Board Rail Pitccess

Peco Low Level Access Platform

The Peco low level access platform is a non-powered, compact, lightweight push around variable height access platform.

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Rail ecolift Platform

ecolift Access Platform

The ecolift Platform enables access to safe new heights is operable on gradients up to 3⁰.

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Carriage Interior Steps

Carriage Interior Access Step

These steps are for exterior and carriage interior use.

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