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Queen's Award for Enterprise 2019

23rd April 2019

We are delighted to announce Semmco has been awarded the Queen's Award for Enterprise 2019.

Now in its 53rd year, the Queen's Awards for Enterprise are the most prestigious business awards in the country, with winning businesses able to use the esteemed Queen's Awards emblem for the next five years.

Semmco has been recognised for International Trade for Outstanding Short Term Growth in overseas sales over the last three years.

Semmco is one of only 201 organisations nationally and 8 in Surrey to be recognised with a prestigious Queen's Award for Enterprise. Semmco will celebrate its award during a Royal reception at Buckingham Palace in the summer.


Escape and Rescue Equipment: No Room For Complacency

29th January 2019

Semmco Life Protection Systems breathing escape equipment is fully compliant with the PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425

Semmco LPS is pleased to report that it’s entire range of hooded life protection devices is fully compliant with the new PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425, ahead of the deadline in April 2019. 

After April 2019, it is a legal requirement that Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) must be compliant with this regulation.[1] The New Approach Directive safeguards that every Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) product on the market will enhance consumer safety. All available RPE must be updated to adhere to the changes to ensure employee health and safety is effectively protected against hazardous or compromised air.

In the UK, a number of workers are killed or seriously injured in confined spaces across a wide range of hazardous industries every year[2]. Danger can arise when workers are suddenly faced with a lack of oxygen or poisonous gases, fumes or vapours enter the confined space.

The end-user of PPE needs to be confident that the Life Protection Systems supplied will protect them against any hazardous or life-threatening incidents that may occur in their working day, which will enable a worker to feel comfortable to work in such environments. 

The CE Marking on a Life Protection System declares that the RPE has been thoroughly examined annually and adheres to the safety standards in Category III (complex PPE) products of the PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425.[3]

Semmco’s HEAD10, 15 and 30 escape sets offer breathing protection for workers who need to escape confined spaces and hazardous environments, where the breathable atmosphere may not be safe. HEAD escape sets are designed with excellent panoramic vision so wearers can easily see their escape route and has an integral audio-visual alarm that informs the wearer of the amount of breathing time left.

Semmco’s HEAD15 working rescue set is designed to supply a 15-minute duration of oxygen when a worker needs to enter a hazardous area or rescue someone already in a potentially harmful environment, currently used in all UK prisons.

Carl Bennett, Semmco LPS General Manager said: “We are committed to ensuring our Life Protection Systems range are fully compliant, bear the CE marking, and fulfil the essential requirements of the PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425. Customers can rest assured our equipment meets all the required standards, offers premium protection and when used correctly will keep employees at work protected.”

For more information about Semmco Life Protection Systems, call the UK office on +44 (0) 1483 757200 or email





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Semmco launches new escape set at Utility Week Live 2018 HEAD30

UWL 2018 (002).jpg
1st May 2018

Semmco, showcased its life protection systems at this year’s Utility Week Live exhibition, including the brand new HEAD30 escape set.

In the UK, a number of workers are killed or seriously injured in confined spaces across a wide of hazardous industries each year[1].

Semmco offers a range of breathing protection solutions for individuals who work in confined spaces and hazardous environments, where the breathable atmosphere may not be safe. The revolutionary design of the HEAD products provide a safe and constant supply of oxygen for up to 10, 15, and now, 30-minutes.

The latest addition to the range, the HEAD30 escape set, is an all-encompassing apparatus that continues to be lightweight but provides 30-minutes of oxygen supply.

HEAD30 Escape Set

The HEAD30 weighs only 1.5kg, it is head warn enabling the wearer to move about easily, unhindered by bulky equipment. The HEAD30 is fast and easy to don and remove and the hood provides excellent panoramic vision and contains an integral audio-visual alarm that improves user safety.

The escape set boasts a 12-year no maintenance shelf life, only a 6 and 9 year validation check, as the HEAD30 is sealed in nitrogen preserving its integrity and increasing cost effectiveness. An integral oro-nasal mask provides an excellent face seal and with instant oxygen supply on start-up, the HEAD30 starts to work as soon as it is put on therefore increasing the worker’s chance of survival and a safe escape.

For more information please get in touch with our sales team

+44 (0)1483 757200


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Semmco investment due to high demand

10th October 2018

 Semmco, is expanding its design and manufacturing facility at Goldsworth Park Trading Estate, Woking! We are increasing the facilities, to enhance our capabilities and product offering for our global network of aviation and rail clients.

The investment is a part of our ambitious plans for growth as the company prepares for the opening its first US office this year, following the opening of its maintenance and assembly facility in Dubai at the start of 2017.

2018 also marks an exciting milestone for Semmco as the company celebrates 25 years in business. Stuart McOnie, managing director at Semmco says: “It’s been an extremely exciting start to the year for the company and this expansion in to two units at Goldsworth Park only marks the beginning of what’s to come for the rest of year. This year we are focusing our efforts at trade events, speaking directly with customers to identify new trends and understand how we can better enhance our customer support. So far, it’s been a great success delivering many new opportunities.

“Looking to the rest of the year, we will be opening our first office in America and launching new solutions at a London exhibition in celebration of our 25 years in business and innovation!”

If you would like any information please contact your nearest office  -

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Semmco to showcase its latest solutions at MRO Middle East 2019

19th January 2019

Demonstrating its local service and leading range of MRO maintenance equipment, the Semmco DWC team will be on hand at MRO Middle East 2019 to discuss the needs of its customers in the region, located at booth 1301. 

The Middle East continues to act as the world’s hub for aviation. Semmco, provides local service through its Dubai office where the team supports its network of Middle East clients.  

Growth in Middle East Aviation Calls for Effective Ground Support Equipment!

Effective MRO maintenance equipment is essential to stay competitive in this thriving market. The region’s investment in technology will see the growing prevalence of digitalisation in aircraft maintenance hangars [1] and the maintenance market will need to adapt quickly.

The Showcase –

Semmco’s range of aviation maintenance access platforms and digital ground support equipment will be on display, including the Nitrogen Trolley with digital panel, and the latest products in the SMART range, the SMART Charge and SMART Check digital tyre inflators with pressure checks.

SMART Nitrogen trolley with digital panel

Adding to the existing range of nitrogen trolleys designed to supply low pressure nitrogen to inflate aircraft tyres or high pressure nitrogen to inflate the struts, this new trolley includes an automatic inflation facility. It is fitted with a digital panel that enables pressures to be pre-set to ensure that the correct amount of gas is always supplied, making the inflation process quicker, simpler and safer. The panel is solar powered but also has a mains charging point for backup if required.

SMART Charge and SMART Check digital tyre inflator/checkers

SMART Charge and SMART Check are Semmco’s latest digital innovation in tyre inflation and pressure checking. These easy to use, robust units give electronic readings, with a calibrated accuracy of +/-2psi and feature a battery powered back light for use on aircraft at night; making the process quicker, easier and more accurate.

Users can choose readings in either bar or psi, and for SMART Charge there is a 350psi safety relief valve to avoid over inflation of aircraft tyres. Both SMART Charge and SMART Check feature a range of tyre valve connectors (8V/12V) to suit all aircraft in the fleet.

High Pressure Nitrogen Portable Charging/Walk-around Kit

This charging kit is designed to provide a quick and simple method of topping up aircraft door systems and tyres.  The high-pressure nitrogen charging kit is lightweight and can be easily handled by one person and is housed in a robust, shower proof carrying bag with a double zip that allows easy access and visibility to the cylinder content gauge, regulator and fill pressure gauge. A low pressure kit is also available for topping up low pressure requirements, for example aircraft tyres.


We look forward to seeing you in Dubai. If you would like to arrange an appointment to meet with one of our sales team at the exhibition, please get in touch on +971 (0)5639 37781 or email


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Semmco launches new products at Inter Airport

13th October 2017

The Semmco team exhibited at Interairport Europe in Munich this week. At the show we launched four new, innovative products.

Semmco nitrogen trolley with digital panel

Adding to the existing range of nitrogen trolleys designed to supply low pressure nitrogen to inflate aircraft tyres or high pressure nitrogen to inflate the struts, this new trolley includes an automatic inflation facility. It is fitted with a digital panel that enables pressures to be pre-set to ensure that the correct amount of gas is always supplied, making the inflation process quicker, simpler and safer. The panel is solar powered but also has a mains charging point for backup if required.

Semmco Wheel Mover

This innovative product has been designed for the safe, efficient and secure movement of all aircraft wheels, regardless of their size. Extremely manoeuvrable and easy to use, the Wheel Mover is fitted with a dead man’s handle that automatically engages the brake when the handle bar is released. Adjustable webbing restraints secure any size of wheel to the frame so that the wheel cannot move during transportation.

SMART Charge and SMART Check digital inflators

SMART Charge and SMART Check are Semmco’s latest digital innovation in tyre inflation and pressure checking. These easy to use, robust units give electronic readings, with a calibrated accuracy of +/-2psi and feature a battery powered back light for use on aircraft at night; making the process quicker, easier and more accurate.

Users can choose readings in either bar or psi, and for SMART Charge there is a 350psi safety relief valve to avoid over inflation of aircraft tyres. Both SMART Charge and SMART Check feature a range of tyre valve connectors (8V/12V) to suit all aircraft in the fleet.

“We are constantly providing engineering solutions for our customers to make their working life easier”, explains Stuart McOnie, MD at Semmco, “and these new products enhance our product range even further.”

Variable Height UCAS Maintenance Platform XXL

With no height restrictions on our outside stand, based in the Great Britain BASEA (British Airport Services Equipment Association) area, we were delighted to present our new variable height XXL UCAS maintenance steps. With access height ranging from 3.0m-4.5m these lightweight aluminium steps are designed for use when carrying out maintenance on a range of wide-body aircraft.

Exciting New Products for the GSE Marketplace

2nd June 2017

This week Semmco exhibited at AP&M Europe at London Olympia. New products were displayed alongside our tried and tested products. SMART Charge and SMART Check our new digital tyre inflation and checking products were front of stand alongside the new Wheel Mover; designed to carry aircraft wheels with minimal manual handling.

Semmco Exhibit in Dubai

13th March 2017

Semmco exhibited at Middle East Rail this week for the first time. As the Middle East looks to build and develop a huge railway network across many countries, Semmco are looking forward to bringing their expertise in rail access platforms to a new market. With our new office based in Dubai we are well placed to serve our customers in UAE as well as acting as a hub to reach out to clients in Africa, Asia and Australasia.

APU Drop Stand Platform B737 and A320

APU for B737.jpg
19th May 2016

  • Incorporates a sliding floor to facilitate lowering of APU engine on to transportation stand
  • Easily manoeuvrable on castor wheels with brakes
  • Aircraft protection padding and empennage rail profile
  • Supported by a kick down jack stabiliser system

Cargo Bay Access Platform, Variable Height

19th May 2016

Variable height platform (1.85m – 2.75m) for: A320, A330, A340, A350, A380, B747,B757, B767, B777, B787

  • Lightweight, modular aluminium structure allows for swift deployment and setup
  • Fully analysed for strength and stability
  • Variety of railing mounting and stair tread as required
  • Aircraft protection padding on railing leading edge
  • Slid back retractable railings
  • Mobile caster wheels with directional lock and brake

Unique, Fuel Tank Entry Provides Huge Cost Savings

4th May 2016

By using the Tank Safe equipment, operations can be carried out safely and efficiently in 4 hours which is a fraction of the time taken by other systems, equating to huge cost savings for every Tank Entry task. Case Study available.

The single, towable, mobile unit known as ‘Tank Safe’ incorporates

  •  fuel drain and pump unit
  • tank ventilation
  • breathing protection
  • gas monitoring equipment
  • communication, tank lighting system and emergency backup air supply

in the event of hangar air supply failure

Lightweight modular aluminium platform which is easy to manoeuvre by one person

4th April 2016

  • One or two step up for safe access to avionics bay
  • Aircraft protection padding
  • Folding hand rails for movement under aircraft

Three maintenance access steps cover all servicing points on B737

21st March 2016

Three lightweight and easily maneuverable maintenance steps

provide the majority of access requirements on and around the B737.

Fitted with adjustable side sliding railings, front gate, fold away side

railings and aircraft protection padding.

Easy and safe access to:

  • Flap
  • Ground power lead
  • Leading edge
  • Wing tip and outboard light
  • Cargo hold
  • Flight control rigging
  • Engine changes
  • Aircraft wing trailing edge
  • Engine fan case access
  • Lower fuselage
  • Radome
  • Stab bay access
  • Fuel tank
  • Pylon
  • Engine Cowl
  • APU

Semmco is pleased to announce that it has become an official worldwide distributor for Power Towers and their range of low level access platforms.

28th February 2016

  • Push around and powered options
  • Small and easy to manoeuvre
  • Operation up to 5m
  • Automatic braking system
  • Rapid deployment for increased productivity

B777 Nose Landing Gear Access - Towable

16th February 2016

  • Leg access
  • Oxygen charge point access
  • Aircraft protection padding
  • Easily manoeuvrable

320 Main Landing Gear Access

1st February 2016

Fixed height platform for working on the main landing gear strut.

  • Left and right handed versions available
  • Platform splits to allow the platform to wrap around the strut reducing trip hazards
  • Folding hand rails maximise platform safety and operation of wing flaps
  • Additional hop up steps can be located into pre-drilled location holes for an additional 400mm reach

Cost Effective Solution for Safety at Work

19th January 2016

Breathing protection solution keeps professionals safe whilst working in potentially life threatening environments.Used for inspection, escape and working scenarios.

  • Panoramic vision
  • Quick and easy to don and doff
  • Light to wear at 1.5kg with no cumbersome cylinders
  • Duration warning alarm
  • Cost effective as 12 year no maintenance shelf life

Extra Large Variable Height Hangar Steps

7th December 2015

Extra large variable height hangar steps for use when working on pylons, in and around engine cowls, stab bay, cargo bay and APU.

  • 4.5m reach
  • Easily manoeuvrable
  • Light-weight aluminium construction
  • Strong and robust for through life cost efficiencies
  • Minimal maintenance required

Safe new heights achieved with Eco Platform

23rd November 2015

Operable on gradients up to 3⁰ and in winds up to 12.5m/s

New working height of 4.2m

New platform height of 2.2m

  • Auto-brake on entering basket
  • ‘Auto-lok’ brake on elevation
  • Dead Man’s handle
  • Fail-safe lifting mechanism
  • No power required
  • Small footprint (1.28m x 950mm)
  • Unlimited lift cycles, can be used  24/7
  • Minimal operational costs, virtually maintenance free


Ergonomic answer to cabin access for overhead fittings

11th November 2015

  • Load distributed to avoid damage to honeycomb flooring
  • Lightweight aluminium construction easy to manoeuvre along aisle
  • Rubber non-slip feet
  • No setup time and easily stored

Tram Depot requires new access equipment to assist working at height

21st October 2015

Two bespoke front end nose dock platforms supplied by Semmco to work with the fixed gantry system for high level work.

Low level multi use platform for side access and front access window/windscreen changes.

Large quantity supplied of 2 off designs of hop up light weight steps for additional working access.

Wheel and Brake Service Trailer

21st October 2015

This one single multipurpose trailer comes in 3 sizes and contains all tools equipment required for a wheel and brake change.

  • Only one vehicle and trailer required on the busy ramp
  • Improved ramp design to allow all types of aircraft jack to be loaded
  • All tools equipment contained in one vehicle
  • Shadow board to ensure all tools are replaced
  • Indication system to show serviceable or unserviceable components

Semmco Supports the New Dubai Metro Depot

7th September 2015

Semmco exports to a new market with specialised access equipment

  • Side access, door and window maintenance platform.
  • Under tram maintenance platform.
  • More platforms will follow this year, including roof access.

Innovation provides low cost global shipping

27th August 2015

The new SMART Trolley provides reduced global shipping cost in palletised format

Supplied as a transport pack

  • Transport pack shaped for easy shipping
  • Easy to unpack on a pallet
  • Simple and quick to assemble Watch here

Unique benefits

  • The SMART Trolley carries three nitrogen cylinders
  • High and low pressure Nitrogen (0-58 & 0-300 Bar)
  • 3 year in service calibration with service exchange panels
  • High pressure Oxygen (0 - 240 Bar)
  • Easy loading and unloading of cylinders
  • Compliant with OH&S manual handling and requirements

This new product provides nitrogen at low pressure for inflation of aircraft tyres and high pressure for strut and accumulator inflation.

Cost including shipping to Europe and Middle East US$6860 (GBR £4400.)

ROI quotation upon request.

Additional safety access platform needed to meet Working at Height regulations.

4th August 2015

  • Retro fit to an existing wheel lathe
  • Designed to allow wheel lathe operational movements
  • Clear head height for the operators
  • Non slip material

New concept from Semmco for easy headlight adjustment

4th August 2015

  • Strong and robust
  • Light weight and easy to move
  • Self aligning on the rail mount
  • Adjustable for all types of train

Semmco Low Cost SMART Trolley

23rd July 2015

This new product provides nitrogen at low pressure for inflation of aircraft tyres and high pressure for strut and accumulator inflation.

The Semmco Nitrogen SMART Trolley carries three nitrogen cylinders

  • High-pressure regulator 0-240 Bar (3500 psi).
  • Low-pressure regulator 0-58 Bar (850 psi).
  • Calibrated pressure gauges, inlet, outlet
  • Individual outlet stop valves for high and low pressure.

Supplied as a transport pack

  • Disassembled on a pallet
  • Transport pack shape makes for easy shipping
  • Simple and quick to assemble Watch here

No lifting or lifting equipment required

  • Position trolley and rest cylinder back on to mounted on a cradle for safe,
  • Quick and easy loading and unloading.
  • Compliant with OH&S manual handling and requirements

Rail Roof Cleaning made easy and safe

19th June 2015

  • Steel gantry gives safe access and working area
  • Allows for Safe Working Procedures at Height
  • Galvanized steel prevents the need for maintenance
  • Hanging wash screen to reduce overspray
  • Fixed and portable solutions available on request

Semmco's New Design for High Grip Hop Up Step

5th June 2015

Semmco's New Design for High Grip Hop Up Step

For use in areas of high concentration of oil and grime. 

  • Lightweight aluminium construction
  • Easy carry side handle
  • Rubber, non-marking, non-slip feet
  • Grab rail
  • High grip croc tooth tread

Do you have pit boards without handrails?

Semmco Pit Board with Rails.jpg
6th May 2015

- Keep your engineers safe with Semmco pit crossing points.

- Handrails fitted to pit boards for use at crossing points.

- Additional chevron boards for high visibility for train movements.

Semmco Launches Super Puma Docking

6th May 2015

Purpose built for heavy maintenance

  • Dual sided
  • Lightweight aluminium construction
  • Profiled and padded edges to reduce trip hazards
  • Easy to manoeuver

New The only Over Wing Access to reach Door 3 on B777, 747 and A380

20th April 2015

This is the only platform on the market that allows safe access to the over wing door on B777, 747 and A380 during escape slide service and replacement.

  • The only safe solution for door 3 access available
  • Tested to withstand up to 350k (2 men plus tools)
  • Man manoeuvrable, no need to tow

Semmco's Cleaner Access Platforms for a safe working solution

28th February 2015

  • Light weight and easy to move
  • High grip tread to prevent trip and slips
  • Strong and robust for through life cost efficiencies
  • Slim-line profile

Semmco Ltd Wins EEF Outstanding Export Award 2014

5th February 2015

Semmco was delighted to win the EEF Outstanding Export Award at the ceremony held at Mercedes-Benz World on 3 February 2015. Following on from relocation within Surrey, recent investment into the infrastructure and improved internal systems, Semmco now has the potential for future growth, an increasing percentage of which is exported.

Wheel and Brake Change Dolly

13th January 2015

One piece of innovative equipment for safe removal and replacement of aircraft wheels and brake packs designed and built by Semmco.

  • For hangar and apron use
  • Manoeuverable by one man
  • Towable
  • Handles wheel diameter 15” (380mm) to 56” (1,420mm) and associated brake packs
  • Adjustable roller positions for ease of wheel or brake unit selection

Multiple-use Leg Access Platform for A340/330/380

19th November 2014

  • A340/600 centre leg pin access and maintenance
  • A340/330 main landing gear
  • A380 wing gear
  • Variable height hand rails for safe working and prevent damage to aircraft
  • Easy to manoeuvre using aluminium structure
  • Non slip treads
  • Long life expectancy with high corrosion and UV resistance

A320 APU Access

3rd October 2014

Semmco has been working with operators to fully understand specific A320 assess issues and has engineered the safe, highly durable, light and easily manoeuvrable A320 family of access steps and platforms, for APU access.

  • Ideal for easy APU access for maintenance and removal tasks
  • Integral sliding floor to enable lowering of APU to transportation stand
  • Allows working platform to stay in place during procedure

Low level powered aviation access

3rd October 2014

As the answer to cost effective, low level access the Semmco range of low level platforms.

  • Wind rated up to 12.5m/s for outdoor use
  • Operable on gradients up to 3⁰
  • Working height up to 3.5m (platform 1.5m)
  • No power required – no battery or charging
  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre

Rail Side Access

3rd October 2014

Part of a range designed for safe, stable access using lightweight aluminium for easy manoeuvrability by one person.

  • Fixed and variable height with mechanical or hydraulic height adjustment
  • Various platform size, tread profile and step configurations available
  • Castor wheels for easy manoeuvrability over roadways
  • Polyprop profile edge to avoid vehicle damage

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Fixed height easy engine access steps with additional hop-up for pylon and top of engine work

30th July 2014

  • Height 1.1m with additional hop up of 400mm
  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre by one person
  • 2 man safe working load
  • Adjustable railings
  • Similar types for other aircraft
  • Non-slip tread

Variable Height Under Cowl Hangar Steps

7th July 2014

Variable height engineers maintenance steps designed in conjunction with MRO’s.

  • Height 2.2m - 3.2m with optional 2.9m - 4m
  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre by one person
  • Adjustable railings
  • 2 man safe working load
  • Non-slip tread
  • Modular aluminium reduction of weight over steel by 2/3

Refuelling Steps with flip-up step

18th June 2014

  • Range of operational heights with optional flip-up step
  • Lightweight, compact refuelling system for fast, safe and convenient fuelling by one man
  • High grade aluminium, bolted rather than welded for extra strength
  • Anti-skid surfaces, folding safety rails to EN standards
  • Counter weighted hose to assist ease of refuelling nozzle

Multi use access platform for the S92 & Super puma 225

24th April 2014

  • Extended reach platform
  • Engine, gear box and tail rotor maintenance
  • Suitable for jacked and non jacked aircraft
  • Line  and hanger use
  • Light weight, stable and easy to manoeuvre
  • Towable for line operation

Portable Rail Roof Access

24th April 2014

  • Semmco supply 5 roof access platforms to 3 depot locations
  • Unique portable platform with fold out boxing ring with drop down sections to reduce the risk of falling
  • Creating a safe working zone with no requirement for fall arrest
  • Universal design allows for all heights (raised rail applications) and orientation
  • Side pit covers allow for open side pit deployment

A320 Landing Gear Access Platforms

24th April 2014

  • Fixed height platform for working on the main landing gear strut
  • Left and right handed versions available
  • Platform splits to allow the platform to wrap around the strut reducing trip hazards
  • Folding hand rails maximise platform safety and operation of wing flaps
  • Additional hop up steps can be located into pre-drilled location holes for an additional 400mm reach

Semmco Ltd Finalist in International Trade Category Toast of Surrey Business Awards 2014

19th March 2014

Semmco was delighted to be a finalist in the International Trade category at the awards ceremony held at G Live in Guildford on 13 March 2014.

Following on from relocation within Surrey, recent investment into the infrastructure and improved internal systems, Semmco now has the potential for future growth, an increasing percentage of which is exported.

Considerable research was undertaken using Embassies, trade missions, attending exhibitions, contacting key people in overseas airlines and obtaining referrals to establish that the need for Semmco’s innovative equipment was not only needed in the UK but in Australia, Singapore and the Middle East and emerging Eurasia. This has resulted in the percentage sales of exported products increasing for Semmco and for expected continued growth.

Exporting is not without its challenges when consideration must be given to designing and manufacturing equipment in accordance with EU regulations for the home market at the same time as ensuring Semmco products have more benefits to the export customers than the overseas competitors provided. One pay off is that any improvements in design in turn help improve the products in the UK market.

Customers such as Lufthansa come to us for bespoke creative designs that are multifunctional and are the next generation of product, so saving them time and money in the long term. Ninety pieces of equipment will be delivered to Lufthansa in Malta over the next couple of years.

Semmco is committed to quality, safety and reliability through innovative designs, while manufacturing cost effective engineered solutions.

Safe rail access steps

7th March 2014

Safe access steps for cleaners and equipment

  • Lightweight
  • Non-slip aluminium tread
  • Safety gate

Crossing points to link walkways

  • Custom fit
  • Non-slip GRP
  • Competitively priced

Just one wheel and brake service trailer for hangar and ramp use

25th February 2014

Self contained wheel and brake service trailer designed to ensure safe loading and securing of wheels, brake dolly, tacks and tools in transit.

  • Light weight steel chassis and frame with GRP sides and non-slip flooring
  • Gas strut assisted door that acts as ramp for easy jack loading
  • Trailer can be configured to suit customer requirements -  typically:
    • 2 main landing gear wheels or 1 main and 1 nose
    • Axel trolley jack
    • tooling
    • wheel brake dolly


  • Incorporated on board Nitrogen supply for high and low pressure use
  • Locator wells and wheel frames fitted
  • Real lights (stop and directional) with reflectors
  • Trailer connection plug

Eco-friendly, Non-Powered Peco Lift - Wind Rated for Outdoor Operations

6th February 2014

  • Operable on gradients up to 3° and in winds up to 12.5m/s
  • Working height up to 3,5m (platform 1.5m)
  • Patented lift mechanism, no power required (no battery, no charging)
  • Basket for tools
  • ‘Auto-lok’ brake on elevation
  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre
  • Virtually maintenance free

Semmco build a variety of rail roof access systems

15th January 2014

Various types of rail roof access with the following features:

  • Triple caster wheels for easily manoeuvrability between roadways
  • Fold away stairs option
  • Mechanical or hydraulic height adjustment
  • Excellent stability with telescopic jacks
  • Easily manoeuverable by one person

Rail Front Access

19th December 2013

Safe, stable, fixed or variable height working platform in aluminium design

  • Optional sliding profile to suit any rolling stock using Polyprop protective padding to ensuring no damage to vehicle
  • Castor wheel s for easy position change between roadways
  • Mechanical or hydraulic height adjustment
  • Side or front access stair access

Semmco Variable Height Refuelling Steps

4th December 2013

  • Height range from 2.5m to 3.75m - refuelling height of approximately 5.45m
  • Light weight, high rigidity aluminium - weight reduction of 2/3 over steel 
  • Easily towed and manoeuvrable by one person with easy to active stability jacks
  • Single or double sided refuelling equipment 
  • Anti-skid surfaces suitable for all weather conditions

Semmco Peco Lift

22nd October 2013

Semmco's Peco Platform demonstrations caused a storm of interest at the Inter Airport 2013 exhibition in Munich as a result of its ease of use, no power source needed and that it is easily manoeuvrable.

Inter Airport 2013 Exhibition

21st October 2013

Semmco attended the Inter Airport 2013 Exhibition From 8-11 October 2013 a total of 11,900 trade visitors from 110 countries came to the worlds leading exhibition for the airport industry to find out about the latest technical trends and invest in new airport equipment.

Oxygen Therapy Charging Rig

1st October 2013

Safe solution with cost and efficiency savings

  • Containment cabinet with vent holes prevents sudden release of gas from the therapy cylinder burst disc or over charge pressure relief valve
  • Internal relief valve and optional excess flow valve
  • Easy to manoeuvre by one person in line station or hanger
  • Finger tight connections reduces any chance of grease contamination

New Development for Pit Boards

1st October 2013

Age-old Problem with Simple Solution

  • High strength lightweight aluminum and GRP options
  • Modular for multifunction use
  • New easy fit adjustable foot
  • Non slip platform, self draining for slip resistance to BS5395

Thomson Airways sees benefits of leasing

18th July 2013

Supply and total care package of 15 variable height engineers' steps to meet the service and inspection requirement of their new 737 and 787 fleet. 


  • No capital outlay
  • Budgeting clarity
  • No inventory requirements
  • Time savings as a result of personnel redeployment
  • One supplier and one point of contact
  • No disposal problems

Semmco Offer Leasing Options to the Rail Industry

18th July 2013

Semmco roll out successful lease and service options to the rail industry targeting operators coming to the end of franchise.

  • No capital outlay
  • Budgeting clarity
  • No inventory requirements
  • Time savings as a result of personnel redeployment
  • One supplier and one point of contact
  • No disposal problems

Mr Ron Dennis CBE opens new Semmco facility in Woking

17th June 2013

Mr Ron Dennis, CBE, Chairman McLaren Automotive and McLaren Group officially opened the new Semmco high-tech facility in Woking representing the best of British manufacturing.

The 13,000 square-foot engineering facility will assist Semmco to dramatically increase its production and manufacturing capacity to complete orders it receives from around the world for customers such as First ScotRail, East Midland Trains, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa, Qantas and many more.

Originally based in Wintonlea Industrial Estate, Semmco decided to remain in Woking to retain existing very experienced staff. The decision to move to Goldsworth Park Trading Estate was made to facilitate Semmco’s expansion capabilities and its proximity to the M25. The new facility underscores the exceptional growth of Semmco, where production output has doubled in the past three years.

“The new facility will help assist Semmco’s growth, particularly in the export market which is set to represent 30% of company turnover in the coming years” said Mr Stuart McOnie, Managing Director of Semmco Ltd.

The opening of the new facility in Woking marks another milestone in Semmco’s history, it being the 21st year of the company. Starting with two employees in 1993, Semmco has grown to 29 employees in 2013.

“Although small in comparison to the McLaren Group, our philosophy is the same – innovation, creativity and commitment to excellence. With financial backing from a local bank and continued support from loyal staff, the future of Semmco is bright and the best of British manufacturing is guaranteed.” said Mr McOnie. 

Rail roof access with fold out boxing ring

Rail roof access with fold out boxing ring.jpg
20th May 2013

  • Profile concertina for reduced storage footprint
  • Caster wheels for easily manoeuvrability between roadways
  • Fold out boxing ring for fall protection when working on roof
  • Fold away stairs option
  • Excellent stability
  • Profile edge with Polyprop edge padding to prevent vehicle damage

Semmco is finalist at Railtex’13 Awards

8th May 2013

Semmco a finalist in the Rolling Stock category with Wiper Blade Change Platform

  • 15-20minutes taken to change blades
  • No need to take train out of service or return to depot
  • Compact for station storage
  • Safe access in all weathers reducing fall risks

Variable Height Engineers' Steps. Designed for use on A320 and 737 aircraft

27th March 2013

  • Manoeuvrable and adjustable by one person with 2 man safe working load
    • Height adjustment from 2.2m to 3.2m using maintenance free bearing system
    • Lightweight towable chassis of aluminium
    • Fully compliant to EU standards and legislation

Carriage cleaner steps for safe and easy access

27th March 2013

  • Perforated tread plate specially designed for outside areas
  • Made to latest H&S standards
  • Polyprop padding on platform to avoid damage to train
  • Designed for ease of access to carriage for cleaner and cleaning equipment

National Express Midland Metro takes delivery of new multi-functional platform

27th February 2013

  • Multifunctional platform for front and side access
  • Designed for stability and strength
  • Unique design to meet the customer’s applications

Water Sterilisation Rig

5th February 2013

  • Housed in 4 wheel trolley for hanger and line use
  • Each dosing pump calibrated in factory to aircraft type specific ranges
  • Water in and out, antibacterial lined hoses, FDA (Food and Drug Approved) ¾” bore, 20m long
  • Dosing meter and proportional pump for high or low dose flush and sterilisation

Semmco forges ahead in early 2013

4th February 2013

Semmco at MRO Middle East

23rd January 2013

Semmco were at MRO Middle East DWTC Dubai world trade centre 22-23 January, 2013.

Safe removal and replacement of aircraft wheels and brakes

14th January 2013

  • Manoeuverable by one man
  • Handles wheel diameter 15” (380mm) to 56” (1,420mm) with associated brake packs
  • Adjustable roller positions for ease of wheel or brake unit selection

Semmco selected for new depot build

20th December 2012

Semmco selected for new depot build because of

  • Quality of Semmco products compared to competitors
  • Unique design for side and roof access
  • Mounted on own moveable platform tracks beside train

Tank Safe

5th December 2012

  • All apparatus and equipment for safe entry into aircraft fuel tanks
  • Bespoke cost-efficient single unit
  • Certified and approved to required standards
  • Road towable weather resistant trailer

Movember Semmco Ian Nicholson

5th December 2012

Semmco employees Ian Nicholson (pictured) and Ludovic grew a moustache for the month of November and in doing so, raised vital awareness and funds for men's health including prostate and testicular cancer.

Semmco was pleased to be shortlisted for the Innovative Operating Practices Award.

27th November 2012

Thanks to a massive team effort, this last year has been one of great change and development for the whole company as new systems and practices were put in place to make the company more efficient and competitive so ensuring Semmco could continue to give its customers the best equipment and service possible. It seemed an ideal opportunity to put Semmco forward for the Innovative Operating Practices Award in the EER Future Manufacturing Awards 2012 which were held on 6 November at Mercedes-Benz World, Weybridge. There were a total of 400 entries for the Future Manufacturing Awards 2012, a record year, so Semmco was pleased to be shortlisted for the Innovative Operating Practices Award.

Semmco Sponsor Darren Underwood of Eurocopter for Children with Cancer

21st November 2012

Semmco sponsor Darren Underwood from London to Paris. Semmco would like to congratulate Darren Underwood, Head of Maintenance at Eurocopter UK Ltd for undertaking the charity cycle fund raising event for Children with Cancer. The hours of training paid off as he completed the course and raised £1,700 in support of the charity which is dedicated to the fight against all childhood cancers.

Moscow Domodedovo Airport purchase multiple 6 cylinder Nitrogen booster trolleys

9th November 2012

  • Addition of booster offers increased operational service
  • Retractable hose reels
  • Colour coded control panel for ease of operation
  • New design offers reduced maintenance
  • Booster version reduces size and weight making it easier to handle by just one operator

Slips and Trips eliminated with upgrade

9th November 2012

  • Complete depot survey to identify damaged walkways and point boxes
  • Identify new materials to give long life solutions
  • Installation programme of GRP walkways and point box protection

Semmco Supply Newcastle Metro Wash Platform

1st October 2012

The age of this depot meant that no building history was available.  Semmco was able to test and prove that the structural integrity of the building foundation was suitable for the installation.

  • 30m long roof access platform for safe working procedures
  • Galvanized steel preventing the need for maintenance
  • Hanging wash screen to reduce overspray 

Semmco Introduce New Range of Ground Support Equipment for Helicopter Market

1st October 2012

  • Blade lifter - increased operational safety of removing and replacing blades reducing need of manual handling
  • Blade rack - safe and secure storage of blades
  • Maintenance stand – additional product within Semmco range

Wheel Bay Access for A320

11th September 2012

Specifically designed for A320 Wheel Bay Access

  • Chassis designed to accommodate wheel bay door below platform
  • Adjustable handrail drops down for access to wheel bay
  • Rear swivel caster for easy maneuverability between landing gear and wheel bay door

Semmco on Radio 5

5th September 2012

On 22 August 2012, BBC Radio 5 Live’s weekly special politics program hosted by Shelagh Fogarty focused on latest figures from the CBI on manufacturing. 

As a developing manufacturing company, Semmco’s General Manager, Stuart McOnie was asked to talk to the MPs about manufacturing in the UK, generally how healthy it is, what they can do to help companies like Semmco.

The MP’s included James Wharton, Conservative MP for Stockton South, Stephen Lloyd, Lib Dem MP for Eastbourne (Work and Pensions Committee) and Chi Onwurah, Labour MP for Newcastle Central (junior shadow minister for Business, Innovation and Skills)

New factory first build delivered to Siemens

2nd September 2012

Access equipment to working platforms

  • 16 new access platforms
  • Equipment supplied meets current regulations
  • Strength without additional weight for easy maneuvering
  • Delivered on time and in budget.

Further enhanced pit board

22nd August 2012

Tapered handrail connection for easy insertion into pit board. Also adjustable pit board foot to accommodate variation in gauge widths.

Safe, quick and easy system for recharging

26th July 2012

  • Full utilisation of cylinder contents as gas booster operates to 20bar cylinder pressure
  • Increased efficiency leading to longer lifetime operation of the cylinders and reduced change frequency
  • Fixed cylinders and demountable versions available
  • Better cost utilisation of gas
  • To European standards, occupational H&S requirements, Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)

Semmco move into new premises

5th July 2012

Semmco has streamlined its business and relocated from smaller units into one large factory in Woking.The move was completed in June and production is now in full flow.

As the company grew over recent years, its building requirements developed organically leading to a layout that was not efficient, hence the need for one site and improved manufacturing output.

The move still allows the business to benefit from Woking’s excellent transport links, retain the excellent work force and now operates in a more cost effective manner through the implementation of MRP and 5S (Manufacturing initiatives).

Semmco Update New Wiper Blade Change Station Platform

11th June 2012

Clear view ahead with Semmco equipment.

Requirement for fast efficient wiper blade changes at the station.

  • Time saving method eliminating the need to take out of service or return to depot
  • Easy to manoeuvre and fast deployment
  • Compact for station storage
  • Semmco’s unique design to address the requirement
  • Safe access in all weathers reducing fall risks

To find out more please contact us on or speak to Peter Heighes on 01483 757200

Semmco Support Airport Expansion

11th June 2012

New low cost operations supported by Semmco Ground Support Equipment

Semmco supply Ground Support Equipment to address new requirements at Southend Airport due to addition of a low cost operator.

Equipment supplied:

  • Variable height towable access steps
  • Towable refuelling steps
  • Fully equipped wheel and brake service trailer complete with on board nitrogen
  • Wheel and brake change unit

Supplied within deadlines to accommodate operation start date.

To find out more please contact us on or speak to Peter Heighes on 01483 757200

Safe Working at Heights in New Tram Maintenance Depot

22nd May 2012

  • Three of fixed platforms and guard rails
  • Flexible design for two tram lengths and heights
  • Fully integrated into building interlocked system
  • Unique end gate design for increased roof working safety to reduce fall risks
  • Designed and installed by Semmco engineers

Nitrogen Portable Charging Kit

22nd May 2012

  • Convenient and simple method of topping up aircraft door systems and tyres
  • Housed in robust, shower proof carry bag and easily handled by one person
  • Cylinder charge connection point designed to prevent cross contamination and inappropriate charging methods
  • Carry bag allows easy access and visibility to cylinder content gauge, regulator and fill pressure gauge.

Semmco on BBC Breakfast

10th May 2012

Semmco Ltd was featured on the BBC’s Breakfast programme on 8 May 2012 to highlight the Government’s efforts to boost manufacturing and growth.

The recovery from the double dip recession will be driven by UK firms exporting more to countries beyond the European Zone.  There is still a big gap between exports and imports for the UK.  According to the programme, staggeringly we sell more goods and services to Ireland than we do to Brazil, Russian, India and China combined.

The Engineering employers Federation says that while  “8 out of 10 small to medium sized firms would like to export more, most say that they just don’t know how to do it”. 

Semmco is a growing  design and manufacturing company based in Surrey is Semmco who Surrey that has experience in exporting and sells around 25% of its goods overseas.  Semmco’s Managing Director, Stuart McOnie says:

“We make a range of engineering support equipment for the railway industry and aviation market.  The only way we are going to survive as a company so to continue to grow our export share.  Last year we exported 25% and this year our target is 27% of turnover. 

We see there is potential in the Middle East and Russia.  We have also looked at India but we are a little bit anxious about China because effectively we are making a fabricated product and if we ship it to China there is a good chance they may copy it.

The other market which we haven’t really developed yet is Brazil.  We have heard there is a lot of growth out there but it’s a long, slow process and from an initial enquiry it can take up to 18 months to get an order.

We are relocating!

30th April 2012

Semmco is relocating to a new business premises from 1st May 2012.

Our new address and contact details are as follows:

Semmco Limited
9 Kestrel Way
Goldsworth Park Industrial Estate
GU21 3BA

Our telephone, email, fax and all other contact information remains unchanged.

Semmco Service Package launch

24th April 2012

Cost-effective management and maintenance of Access & Ground Support equipment.

The Semmco Service Package will provide, amongst other things:

  • Full maintenance on all equipment
  • Regular inspections with minor repairs
  • Re-certification and replacement of life components
  • Continued Compliance of approved CE marked current generation equipment
  • Budgeting clarity with complete visibility of costs

Toast of Surrey Business Awards 2012

22nd March 2012

The fourth annual Toast of Surrey Business Awards were held on Friday 2 March to celebrate the success of businesses and recognise their contribution to the economy, community and prosperity of Surrey.

THE pick of the county's business figures received red carpet treatment as they piled into the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre for the Toast of Surrey Awards 2012.

Nominees, included Stuart McOnie of Semmco Ltd, who enjoyed a reception at the Guildford venue where Semmco was proud to be a finalist in the category of companies with a turnover of up to £5 milion.

Fixed and Variable Height Access Platforms designed for Maximum Safety and Productivity

28th February 2012

  • Easily manoeuvrable and lightweight
  • High stability with built in protective systems to prevent accidental damage to rolling stock
  • Ergonomically shaped and providing access to any type of vehicle
  • Safe interlocking platform section with kick boards

Fast, safe and convenient fuelling of aircraft

27th February 2012

  • Lightweight aluminum  -  easy to manoeuvrable by one man
  • Range of operational heights with optional flip up step as required
  • Fuelling nozzle to suit customer requirements and counter weighted hose
  • Safety railings to suit working height with fold down option 

This equipment is fully compliant with EN standards.

2, 3 or 4 Cylinder Oxygen or Nitrogen Trolleys

26th February 2012

  • New chassis and front axle design to allow for ease of handling
  • Robust steel frame with coated skydrol resilient paint
  • 4 pneumatic wheels with roller bearing hubs and independent suspension units
  • Safety lift and braking/park system


  • Gas booster to allow maximum cylinder gas utilisation or higher charging pressure
  • Military/NATO specification
  • Fixed or demountable cylinder configuration:

2 x cylinders x 45 litres or 65 litres
4 cylinders x 45 litres
3 cylinders x 65 litres

Pit Boards - Safe but Simple Access

9th February 2012

  • High strength lightweight aluminum and GRP options
  • Modular for multifunction use
  • Optional removable and interchangeable hand rails and steps
  • Non slip platform, self draining for slip resistance to BS5395

Fixed Height Engineers’ Maintenance Platform – Simple but Safe

30th January 2012

  • Designed for all line and base maintenance requirements
  • Easily to manoeuver and position light weight platform
  • Folding, sliding hand rails and front gate
  • Slip resistant for use in all weather conditions

Severn Valley Railway welcome Semmco’s donation of two access platforms for use on restoration projects

16th January 2012

Restoration and maintenance teams at the Severn Valley Railway have had difficulties in obtaining access to roofs and vehicle sides due to changes in regulations so they were delighted when Andrew Walling of Semmco offered to solve their problems.

Kidderminster Works were one of the fortunate recipients along with Bewdley station where the staff immediately put the platform to good use on the LNER pigeon van restoration.
Photo by Rob Sweet.

Safe solution with money saving effects - Semmco tops up maintenance efficiency with portable oxygen charging station

7th November 2011

When servicing aircraft between flights, in a fast-paced and busy environment, it is important that ground staff are provided with the correct equipment to carry out their jobs in a safe and timely manner. Regulation stipulates that aircraft O2 cylinders cannot be charged on the aircraft, resulting in the need for the cylinders being sent back to the suppliers to be refilled at great cost and delay.

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Variable Height Steps for Safe Access to Cable Winding Drums

26th April 2011

Falls from height continue to be one of the most common causes of major and fatal injuries to workers; with over 2,000 fall and trip injuries reported to HSE each year by the construction industry alone.

Semmco Ltd (Semmco) worked with Oceaneering Umbilical Solutions to assess the requirements and develop a bespoke solution for the problem. With in depth experience, knowledge and an established background in the design, supply and maintenance of specialist Access Equipment Semmco engineered two sets of variable height steps specifically designed so that workers can access the cable winding drums on site safely. 

Read More in the press release (link below).

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Semmco provides safety solutions for Britain’s best known holiday and airline providers

28th March 2011

Airline maintenance staff at Thomas Cook and Flybe are frequently involved in the manoeuvre of heavy goods and in particular the transportation of nitrogen and oxygen cylinders. In addition to manoeuvring heavy loads, when the oxygen cylinders that are used to charge the aircraft tyres, suspension and struts run out of gas, the maintenance staff must pass through security to take delivery of new cylinders from the supplier outside the security gates.  In order to reduce the amount of manual handling, save time and consequently save money for line maintenance teams, leading UK airlines Thomas Cook and Flybe turned to Semmco to help develop an innovative product that complies with Health and Safety legislation to protect the workforce and enhance their productivity.

Read More in the press release (link below).

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Semmco - UK engineering company beating the downturn

14th July 2009

UK engineering company, Semmco, wins contract to supply the new HEAD 15 Cell Snatch Rescue Equipment (CSRE) to the UK and Irish Prison services.

Semmco, has beaten off competitors to supply their latest product, HEAD 15 to the UK and Irish Prison services.

Manufactured entirely in the UK, the Semmco unique HEAD 15 chemical oxygen set is an easy to don, one-size-fits-all model. The working set, known within the Prison Service as CSRE, gives prison staff 15 minutes of respiratory protection when dealing with cell fire incidents.

The lightweight, hooded oxygen set replaces the short duration breathing apparatus (SDBA) which has been used across the prison services for the past 15 years. The training requirements for the CSRE are less complex than those of the SDBA, making the product easier to use. Added to this the HEAD 15 working set can be stored for up to six years without maintenance, making it a cost-effective option in the long term.

To read full article click on link below

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Scaling New Heights - article on aircraft access solutions

5th November 2008

Each year, the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) receives about 40 reported incidents of air transport industry staff injuring themselves after falling from height.

Many of these accidents occur airside during aircraft maintenance, accessing or egressing the aircraft and working on or from service equipment - with falls from height and workplace transport incidents causing the majority of air-transport related accidents reported by the HSE.

Read more of the article for H&S International written by Colin Wehrle of Virgin Atlantic Airways.

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Press Launch for bmi Tail Dock at Heathrow

25th September 2008

Semmco recently unleashed its new tail docking system (pictured), which has already saved award-wining UK airline bmi the cost of a plane over 12 months of use, and improved safety for engineers working at height.

At a lavish ceremony held at the Jurys Inn Hotel, Heathrow Airport – and later inside bmi’s Heathrow hangar – Semmco Managing Director Stuart McOnie unveiled the impressive-looking structure to luminaries from the Press and airline industry.

The system, that literally encases the aircraft tail, consists of access steps and a platform, enabling engineers to work at four different height levels, from 8 to 30ft. Built on a steel base, the aluminium construction of the frame and platform makes the tail dock light enough to be easily manoeuvred to suit varied maintenance requirements.

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SHP IOSH Awards 2008

10th September 2008

Semmco have been short listed as a finalist for the SHP IOSH Awards 2008. Awards evening at Hilton Hotel, Park Lane on Wednesday 8 October 2008.Finalist for Innovation of the Year - Variable Height Access Steps.

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22 August 2008

HSE used Semmco access steps as an example of improved safety on maintenance of Virgin Planes. "The steps have now been in use for 2 years. They are very well liked by the engineers and are finding other uses such as working under the main wings and accessing the engine spar area."

"These steps resolved the issue of the cargo hold access however we still had to solve the problem of working under and around the engine. This time we showed the supplier the problem and they came up with a design and manufactured a set of trial steps. We put the steps on trail and this included obtaining written feedback from the engineers."

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