Oxygen Charging Rig -Therapeutic Unit

Oxygen Charging Rig –Therapeutic Unit Oxygen Charging Rig -Therapeutic Unit

Oxygen Charging Rig –Therapeutic Unit

The Semmco Charging Rig - O2 Theraputic is designed to charge portable therapeutic oxygen cylinders to a maximum working pressure of 1,800psi. The cylinder connection thread is 9/16" UNF.

  • Central charging manifold
  • Charging configurations for SCOTT, Sabre Elite and BE Oxygen Systems
  • Safety relief valve
  • Safety excess flow valve (optional)
  • Compliant with Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000
  • Finger tight cylinder charging connections
  • Charging connections with sintered filter
  • The charging cabinet has been designed as a containment unit in the event of a sudden release of gas from the burst disc oxygen therapy cylinder mounted on the connection pipe between charging manifold and cylinder. Leaking gas will be contained in the cabinet and vented through the vent holes.

Charging connection In BSP left hand thread

Oxygen Charging Rig –Therapeutic Unit



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