Semmco Customer Service Charter Document

Semmco Customer Service Charter Document 2015-18

The objective of this charter is to deliver optimum customer service.

Semmco Ltd and Semmco LPS Ltd offer a commitment of working together with its customers to solve access and GSE issues by way of providing safe, innovative, quality equipment at realistic prices. This is in addition to the standards maintained by ISO 9001:2008 and Directive 89/686 EEC Article 11b.

Face to Face Communication
Staff will act as ambassadors for Semmco and will conduct themselves in a courteous and positive manner at all times. Where appropriate, they will be provided with a Semmco uniform in order to be well presented and easy to recognize. Vehicles will be easily identified, sporting the Semmco logo.

Telephone Communication
There is a stated order for nominated staff to answer the telephone. If the department, or person the caller wishes to speak to is not available, an offer of a message will be made whereby the person’s name and company calling will be noted and the information passed to the intended recipient. The taker of the message must be satisfied that this message has been passed to a person who will take responsibility for owning the action to be taken.

Customer calls should be returned within 2 working hours of receiving the message.
The telephone should be answered within 3 rings.

Electronic Communication
When communicating using mobile, email or social media, Semmco’s employees and contractors will show respect to the customer and correctly represent Semmco.

Quality of Material and Sourcing
Semmco endeavour to select the most appropriate material for the design of our equipment which will be in accordance with our quality manual. The materials used will be ethically sourced so far as the company will use suppliers that implement ethical labour standards where appropriate.

Data Protection
Please refer to our privacy policy page for details on how we manage your personal data.

Semmco will be innovative and lead the sector for quality of design and functionality. The equipment will be safe, multifunctional and hard wearing.

Environmental Considerations
Semmco has implemented a system whereby office paper is either reused or recycled. Printing is automatically set to print on both sides of the sheet thus almost halving the amount of paper used. Plastics and cartons are also recycled. The product designs delivered consider the reduction of shipping costs and the ability to re design modular equipment. Off cuts of manufacturing materials such as aluminium are recycled. A bicycle shelter has been installed and staff incentives given to those using this mode of transport to travel to work.

Social Conscience
Semmco undertakes to be considerate as a member of the local community. Local charities are supported as a result of staff activities where they work as a team and/or working independently. Semmco has a planned program to support activities throughout the year with a commitment and financial target to be achieved.

Delivery Timescales and Communication
On receipt of a customer order Semmco raise an order acknowledgement identifying the anticipated delivery dates. The customer is to be informed of this date. In the event that these need to be altered, the customer must be contacted immediately whether due to Semmco or the supply chain to inform them of the changes. This should be first by telephone and then this information put in to an email to let them know or confirm the rescheduled delivery date. The account manager will continue to keep the customer informed of the reason why and given progress updates.

Complaints Policy
The Quality Manager, Alex Strat is appointed as the contact for any issues that may arise on 01483 757200 or The situation will be evaluated and action taken to make suitable amendments, during which time the person appointed to resolve the problem will communicate the customer to ensure that they are kept up to date with developments.

Customer Care questionnaires will be conducted with customers after delivery is taken of equipment to ensure the job is complete and everything was carried out to their satisfaction. If there are any issues action will be taken as a matter of priority.

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