Total Care Package for Leasing and Servicing

Semmco Service Engineer Service Pack

Service Pack for Thomson Airways

The Challenge

Thomson Airways required access to their B737 aircrafts at their 13 British locations by engineers on both on line and base to access the maintenance hatches.  In an environment where time and manpower efficiencies are important, the equipment needed to be easy to manoeuver and position, multifunctional and offer the maximum safety protection possible.

In addition Thomson Airways needed ground support equipment to service aircraft at 13 line stations, all of which required regular testing and maintenance. 

Solving the Problem

Semmco and Thomson Airways worked together to select a comprehensive total care package in respect to the supply and maintenance of the range of new and existing equipment,  all of which were new generation and approved to current legislation.  

For example the Variable Height Engineers’ Platform was mounted on a towable chassis that allowed for height adjustment from 2.2m to 3.2m.  It was easily moved and adjusted by one person and allowed for 2 man safe working load with non-slip tread, had adjustable railings and a safety locking mechanism.

As servicing is part of Semmco’s core business, it was decided that they should provide a cost-effective way of managing and maintaining the aircraft ground support equipment in the form of a total care package.  All the equipment would have regular inspections and maintenance with records of all the information on a central database. 

The Benefits

Thomson Airways acknowledged that without the maintenance of equipment or inventory management, not only were the personnel time savings significant but they also had budgeting clarity, visibility of costs and one point of contact with Semmco as the supplier.


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